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Of Montreal debut two new songs, continue covers rampage

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kevin-barnes Of Montreal continue their romp through the world of covers. Though my favorite to this point is either “Day Man” from It’s Always Sunny or “Melody Day” by Caribou, this cut of The Beatles White Album classic “I’m So Tired” is pretty great. 


Check out their entire cover archive at You Ain’t No Picasso

Performed in-studio for 90.7 WFUV, Kevin Barnes and friends strip the song down just a little bit but build to an ending that’s just as sentimental as the original song. I’ve been a huge fan of nearly all OM’s acoustic studio tracks in this nature (including the awesome tracks they did for The Current here in Minneapolis). Barnes’ unique voice and styling has a way of shining even more than on record in this format which is pleasing to note, along with his awesome scarf-glasses combo which he probably has patented by now. 

And if you missed it earlier in the week, Of Montreal played a few new tracks at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as well. It’s live, so yeah the audio isn’t perfect, but what is for certain is that OM hasn’t missed a beat since Skeletal Lamping. The tracks are little bit more rock-ish than anything they’ve done to this point, but it all seems a natural progression if you listen to their last two or three albums. They can do no wrong for me, especially after seeing them on their off-the-wall tour this fall. Enjoy!

Of Montreal – “Like a Tourist”

Of Montreal – “Conquet Coquet”


Erik’s Top Ten Albums of All-Time

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Erik’s Top Ten Albums of All-Time

Pretty obvious, I think you know what you’re getting yourself into here. We here at Mind Inversion want you the reader to better know where all of us writers are coming from, as far as what’s changed our lives musically. So we’ll be running a special once a week for the next month, accompanied by Sound Immersion #2, that will be spotlighting our favorite music. I have the fine pleasure of starting this all off, which is pretty exciting. I’ve always thought about albums as “my favorite” much like I’m sure any person has, but actually having to compile a definitive top ten list seemed daunting. But alas, after many cuts, I finalized a list that I’m extremely happy about.

#1. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – Lcd Soundsystem.Where would I be today without this album? Well for starters, not on this blog, not listening to music, and quite possibly actually finding lil wayne to be an enjoyable artist. This one album single handedly changed my life… Continue reading

I’m 19

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Andrew Bird – “The Happy Birthday Song”

Sufjan Stevens – “Happy Birthday”

The Very Best feat. The Ruby Suns – “Birthday” (Beatles Cover)

Cut Copy – “Lights & Music” (Boyz Noise Happy Birthday Remix)


It's debatable

It's debatable