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Alt-J First Ave Sept 7,2013; An Awesome Wave

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Alt-J, By Terry Scott Niebeling

Alt-J, By Terry Scott Niebeling

Alt-J blew people away at the First Ave venue last night, expectedly.  So what I will tell you is, if you can see them live, and you don’t take the opportunity, you are missing out.  Not to be presumptuous, but it’s factual-sorry.  

And that is about all I can say.  I mean I could tell you it was spiritual, it was enlightening, and it was something of a great act to witness, but you already know that.  I could really, but who is going to believe me?  It was all of those things and more.  They simply put on a great show, there is no doubt in my mind as to the reason why Alt-J sold out the Main Room both nights; not to mention the latter added date of Sept. 8th, it’s because they are truly amazing artists.  They take a simple yet classical sound and make it new, heavy, complex, and refreshing.  Seeing Alt-J makes me think of, if it were somehow possible, seeing Led Zeppelin, or Radiohead, maybe even Pink Floyd, before they became über famous/timeless, and impossible to see live. The crowd at First Ave got a stand up treat from this band on the rise.  Take the time to listen, and check them out in person.  It is something I won’t soon forget.


(Take in my words and the mediocre photos my Windows Phone could afford, and enjoy. That’s all you need to know.  There are more amateur camera phone photos and words below about time leading up to the show, thoughts, and lucky people getting in.)

Lord Huron opened to much delight.  Starting slow and eventually garnering enough energy to bring the lion’s share of the crowd into their set, and possibly into their loins.  I tweeted, before LH started getting a bit flashy, the tweet read something along the lines of “opening bands are like commercials while you wait for your favorite show to start.”  I could give a shit less about an opener band, especially at an Alt-J show; however, I was almost eating my words 10 minute later.  Hit me up at on Twitter:  @sirterryscott.  

How I came to love Alt-J:  

The story goes I went to smoke some with a friend after work and she would play An Awesome Wave over and over again.  One night I caught on, I said, “Play that song again.”  She did, then I inquired as to who and what they were.  I was amazed.  She had ripped the song from a torrent and sent me a downloaded copy.  I never actually used what she had sent me, I was occupied with pressing play and repeat play on Youtube, of Breezeblocks.  In turn I had found out the meaning to the song, and I had become entranced by the harmony, wave of sound, and sonic power of Alt-J.  89.3 The Current started playing one, then two, then three of their songs.  Now they play most of the album.  A friend later Facebook messaged me and gave me the scoop on the First Ave show.  Knowing they would sellout the venue I waited til the moment they became available, and then I made my purchase.  I should have bought 6, the limit, but I bought 3 instead.  I could have doubled my money.  I didn’t have enough dough that day though.  A few hours later all of the tickets were gone and I sat in satisfaction at my quick choice.  And that is how I got into the show.

By Terry Scott Niebeling

Putting up the Triangles, By Terry Scott Niebeling

Standing outside in line people came up to me asking for tickets.  The interesting thing was there weren’t really any scalpers, but there were people asking for tickets.  A show so coveted that people bought the tickets for themselves and actually went to see good music.  Wow, some tickets online were as much as $200.  It must have been 5 people walked up and inquired.  By this time I had already bummed two cigarettes and a RedBull from some complete strangers ahead of me in line.  I was feeling great waiting in line at 7:30 pm, plenty of time to take in the hot night.  At home earlier while indulging in homework and horror films I sat on the couch sweating in our AC lacking one bedroom apt.  The fan blew its best, but it didn’t really help.  Sweat beaded and crawled down my face.  I changed my shirt a few times.  I took a shower and brushed my teeth.  I spoke German.  And then I went to wait in line.


With the extra two tickets I felt almost over prepared, which by my standards is almost impossible.  I waited until the day before to start the bidding.  Three people in all contacted me.  The tickets went to the most passionate.  Also, a few people whom I spoke with were too intimidated to bid on them, so I figured they must not have wanted to go really.

The lucky guests I brought drove two hours to get here on word of a promise to get tickets.  I thought of them as I waited in line.  I asked those who inquired about extra tickets how much they would pay.  They wouldn’t say, I am not sure if they got in.  I was about 15ft from the door when my guests arrived.  They were in disbelief, literally exalted at the idea they would see a band they loved.  Having been burned twice before T. was so happy.  I think as we came closer to actually getting in her spirits piqued.  She handed me the money the moment she arrived.  I enjoyed this.  The sky was pink, the line was long, and the day was cooling off.  Heat became a friend of every nook, cranny, and crevasse throughout the city proper.  The bike ride and the light material of my black button up were comforting.  The sunset stood aglow over the Hennepin Ave Bridge as I crossed 3rd Ave, over the Mississippi, past pedestrians, and aside cars.  A glacier like cloud hung over the sun; a sort of arrowhead array of bright lights contrasting with deep purple clouds shadowing certain parts for quiet a large puppet show etched across the darkening horizon.  A line of clouds, directly above, shown soft and full, as they slipped through the sky.  Planes took off going in two different directions.  I biked South-ish to First Ave. to wait in line.  I watched the ground below slide past; rocks and broken glass reflected on how they had come to where they lie.  They watched all appreciatively as I went by.  

Alt-j set list. Talk to your boy.


I was just biking to see a band I had wanted to see since I first heard a song.  


Of Montreal debut two new songs, continue covers rampage

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kevin-barnes Of Montreal continue their romp through the world of covers. Though my favorite to this point is either “Day Man” from It’s Always Sunny or “Melody Day” by Caribou, this cut of The Beatles White Album classic “I’m So Tired” is pretty great. 


Check out their entire cover archive at You Ain’t No Picasso

Performed in-studio for 90.7 WFUV, Kevin Barnes and friends strip the song down just a little bit but build to an ending that’s just as sentimental as the original song. I’ve been a huge fan of nearly all OM’s acoustic studio tracks in this nature (including the awesome tracks they did for The Current here in Minneapolis). Barnes’ unique voice and styling has a way of shining even more than on record in this format which is pleasing to note, along with his awesome scarf-glasses combo which he probably has patented by now. 

And if you missed it earlier in the week, Of Montreal played a few new tracks at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as well. It’s live, so yeah the audio isn’t perfect, but what is for certain is that OM hasn’t missed a beat since Skeletal Lamping. The tracks are little bit more rock-ish than anything they’ve done to this point, but it all seems a natural progression if you listen to their last two or three albums. They can do no wrong for me, especially after seeing them on their off-the-wall tour this fall. Enjoy!

Of Montreal – “Like a Tourist”

Of Montreal – “Conquet Coquet”

Spencer Krug keeps rolling; new Sunset Rubdown track and tour dates

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The indie music scene might as well just be Spencer Krug. The incredibly gifted man has got his hands in nearly every cookie jar. Just last month saw the release of the new Swan Lake album Enemy Mine as one of stronger releases of the early spring, but Krug was not done there, working diligently on the new (and my favorite Krug band) Sunset Rubdown.

Dragonslayer out June 23rd on Jagjaguwar

Dragonslayer out June 23rd on Jagjaguwar

To newcomers the band name sounds like a bad porn movie, but with amazing vocals and an eclectic lineup the band’s 2007 album Random Spirit Lover smothered my attention and had me enraptured for months. My await for the new album is nearly over however as the release date for Dragonslayer has been set for June 23rd on Jagjaguwar records. 

Today marks the first real glimpse at the album too, with the release of the track “Idiot Heart” for free download. It’s certainly in line with much of their last album, building from start to finish and marked by the signature Krug voice. About half-way through the track a xylophone or something of that sort hits the track and really takes the song to a more interesting level. I like it, it’s good… not great, but a solid foundation for the album.

MP3: Sunset Rubdown – “Idiot Heart”

Most of all, “Idiot Heart” gets me excited for some touring, and although no Minneapolis date has been set, Sunset Rubdown will hit various coastal venues this summer (fingers crossed for an appearance at a festival or two maybe as well). Check out all the dates below:

06-11 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s
06-12 Brooklyn, NY – Studio B
06-15 Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506
06-16 Atlanta, GA – The Drunken Unicorn
06-20 Austin, TX – Mohawk
06-22 Tucson, AZ – Plush
06-23 Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex
06-24 San Francisco, CA – The Rickshaw Stop
06-26 Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
06-27 Seattle, WA – Chop Suey

Man Man and Gogol Bordello tour together, nominee for craziest concert ever

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Okay I made that last part up obviously, but still, if you’ve ever seen/heard anything from either of these two over-the-top and ambitious acts you know exactly what I’m talking about. And the fact that the two are touring together for a short stint at the end of May into early June is some of the more exciting concert news I’ve heard lately. Between Man Man‘s absurd dress and costuming, and Gogol‘s, let’s say “interaction” with the crowd, the possibilities of what you could see or experience on that night are endless. I really like how one Pitchfork writer puts it:

“Even though you know he’s going to launch himself onto the bass drum that the audience is holding aloft, it’s still pretty fucking nuts when he actually does it.”

And if that recollection of a Gogol Bordello show doesn’t make you want to line-up for tickets then I’m just not quite sure anything will, ha. Check out some videos below of each act live, and the list of their Midwest dates. 

Man Man in a “Drum off” at McCarren Pool in ’07

Gogol Bordello Live in Boulder


5-29 Kansas City, MO Beaumont Club

5-30 Minneapolis, MN Cabooze

5-31 Chicago, IL Congress Theatre

The Chairs cover Bon Iver and swing through La Crosse next month

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I’ve heard a few tracks from these guys in the past and their debut EP was a real treat, now The Chairs are planning a short tour at the end of March. The new track is another spectacular cover (they also covered Neutral Milk Hotel a few months ago). This time the guys take a stab at Bon Iver’s beautiful song “Flume” of his debut album. It works out pretty well too, I mean sure, the empty and echoing feelings of the hollow Wisconsin woods are gone but they’re traded for soothing synths and guitar’s of the electric kind. If you haven’t heard these guys yet this track is a decent gauge of their sound, they have a certain spookiness that I can’t really describe. So check it out for sure

MP3: The Chairs – “Flume” (Bon Iver Cover)

And if you enjoy this sample be sure to see them on their tour next month. They’re sweeping through the midwest on a short tour, and they’ll be hitting La Crosse on March 26th. Their show is at Viterbo University, too bad places like the Warehouse can’t bring in acts like this, La Crosse is a town anxious for concerts like this one, and I hope there is a great turn out for these guys. So go out and support great music, whether it’s at their La Crosse show or any of their midwest stops, it’ll be worth your time. 


The boys from Appleton are worth remembering, be sure to check them out

The boys from Appleton are worth remembering, be sure to check them out


A debut album is set to be released March 17th, so the tour should be featuring plenty of new material. Check out some more of their material on their myspace, including their cover of “In An Aeroplane Over the Sea.” Or jump over to their official page to find out some more info about the crew. All dates for the tour below:

March 21 Omaha, Nebraska The Foundry
March 22 Columbia, Missouri Cherry Street Artisan
March 23 Kansas City, Missouri Davey’s Uptown
March 24 Ames, Iowa Ames Progressive
March 25 East Moline, Illinois MixTapes
March 26 Viterbo University La Crosse, Wisconsin
March 27 Elbo Room Chicago, Illinois

The Bronx solidifies spring tour plans with Trash Talk

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Watch the priceless brand new video for The Bronx‘s “Past Lives” (via Switchblade Comb) from their newest album, read our review of the release, and then try tellin’ us you have something better to do than come out to the dance with The Bronx and friends on a certain night this April …I dare you! This is rock ‘n’ roll that is too damn good to pass up. The band has firmed up their spring tour plans with Trash Talk, and they’ll be entertaining a crowd in Minneapolis at the Triple Rock on April 12th. Keep reading for all the tour dates… Continue reading

New Material: Diplo and Blaqstarr

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Diplo tearing up the tables in Minneapolis this fall

Diplo tearing up the tables in Minneapolis this fall

Mad Decent records, who grabbed my attention earlier this year with the release of full length LPs from the likes of Abe Vigoda and Diplo (also the guy who runs the label) have some new material coming soon to the public. Most of the time singles like this seem to leak out and about a million and half remixes come following shortly after, but Mad Decent have kept a tight lid on this one, which leads me to hope/believe that track will be absolutely banging. And why not, these two artists have been putting out tons of material lately that has been mind-blowing, and this is sure to follow in the footsteps.

Here is a look at some questionable behavior by the Pizza and Hot Dog during Diplo’s beyond stellar set at First Ave a few months ago. The Mad Tour just recently wrapped up and it’s a damn shame if you missed out.

The single itself, which is slatted to start shipping January 20th if you pre-order, will feature three songs on Side A (yes, it’s printed on vinyl only. no word on digital download yet that I can find) will feature the title track along with two remixes, one by DJ Rob3 and another called Bonus Beats. Side B will feature something called Serato Control Record that is 10 minutes long, and don’t ask me dive any deeper into that because I have no idea what it could be, ha. 

The page to pre-order this sure to be amazing limited-edition Pink Vinyl can be found HERE, if you plan on getting a copy of this I’d jump all over it soon because I’ve following a lot of their singles lately and they seem to sell out pretty quick.

I’ll send some Diplo mp3s your way too, get a feel for the guy and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
Diplo- “Blow Your Head” Feist- “I Feel It All (Diplo Remix)” Kanye West- “Flashing Lights (Diplo remix)” and the crowning jewel of them all Spank Rock- “Put That Pussy On Me (Diplo Tonite Remix)

Mad Decent: Official Website, Myspace, Tour Diary