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The Ting Tings Sounds from Nowheresville Drops Tomorrow…

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Again, here is the same old story with another band who had so much success from their debut album. How is your sophomore album going to be? For the duo from the UK, we can only hope that Sounds from Nowheresville is worth this long wait. The Ting Tings debut album We Started Nothing was released in May of 2008 and featured hits “That’s Not my Name”, “Great DJ” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go”. Katie White and Jules de Martino rode the success of the new album all the way to a nomination for Best New Artist at the 2010 Grammys.

Almost 4 years later we have arrived at the sophomore album so the name is fitting for the new album since we haven’t heard but a few glimpses off of it. The Ting Tings have been working on this album for a while and the few glimpses we have heard points in the direction that Sounds from Nowheresville will not disapoint. “Hands” was released in October of 2010 and is a catchy track that made its way onto the Fifa ’12 Soundtrack. That soundtrack I may add is one of the best sport games soundtracks of all time.

“Hang It Up” was released in October of last year on YouTube.

“Silence” is another track off of the new album and the remix was released on The Ting TingsVEVO last November. Even though it has taken the band almost 4 years they have leaked a few tracks so we can get excited about this new album. The album was released in the UK on February 27th and is due out March 13th in the US.


Saturday Single: Equinox – “Vivid Dreams”

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Saturday Single’s first installment was a hit, so I’m back again to give you all the buzz on wax this week. This time around I’ll be listening to the new 12″ from the UK’s extremely talented Equinox. With a catalogue dating all the way back to 1993, and a sound that’s never devoted to one genre, Equinox is the perfect example of what it means to be a DJ, carefully and skillfully blending various genres.

vivd dreamsRelease: May 12th  Label: Planet Mu  Buy: iTunes / Vinyl 12″

Vivid Dreams; however, might not be the best place to start if you’ve never heard Equinox before. Both tracks on the single rely heavily on the Drum and Bass patterns better known for their appearances in Pi, The Matrix, or just about any bad ’80s prog-techno catalogue than for their stand alone musical enjoyment. To call this kind of music “intense” would be completely cliche, but probably more right than wrong. The title track “Vivid Dreams” is an erie and more mysterious track than what Drum and Bass are usually known for, but it makes for a nice transition from the usually omniscient  songs (Think Silent Hill opening cutscene remixed). As much as I might ridicule it, and with as many bad pop-culture references as I can make, Vivid Dreams is actually really good. What it boils down to is whether or not you like this style of music or not. If you do, perfect, if you don’t, well you’re probably going to make fun of me for listening to this. Oh well I suppose, as Equinox is one of the most consistent and talented underground DJs in the UK.

MP3: Equinox – “Vivid Dreams”