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Timoteo’s 2013 Year in Review

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As I give my creaking knuckles calisthenics, I’m reminded of how great 2013 was for music. There were a lot of great releases, and I think that a few of my selections might shock a few people this year, but it’s necessary to give credit where it’s due. Leave your comments in the C-Section below, and let me know how you feel.

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Timoteo’s 2012 Year In Review

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Me and Hansen

Is it really that time of year again? I have no idea where 2012 went; it seems like it was just January a few short months ago. In this seemingly short year, there has been a slew of superb releases – especially in the Hip-Hop realm. Like I’ve always said, making a year-end list is no simple task, and it’s inevitable that someone (or a lot of people) will disagree with my choices; however, opinions are unique to each individual, and we are all entitled to our own. If you feel the need to voice your opinion, leave a comment in the C-Section.

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Album Review: Apollo Brown & O.C., Trophies

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Too often, we bestow the credibility of albums based on how many plaques or awards they have garnered. Detroit beat monster Apollo Brown and legendary DITC member O.C. combined forces to craft an album that speaks for itself. These guys aren’t in it to win shiny objects or gain recognition from the top 40 charts; they do what they do because they love music. Trophies is an album that every fan of Hip-Hop can love; Apollo crafts some of the most brilliant boom bap beats in Hip-Hop, and the legend O.C. spits bars upon bars of truth and wisdom. Apollo Brown and O.C. are from two different eras in Hip-Hop’s history, and that very fact is what makes this album so special. Continue reading

Slept on Saturdays: The Left, Gas Mask

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When Hip-Hop fanatics talk about modern day underground classics (the last 10 years), they generally always mention a few albums: Blu & Exile, Below the Heavens; Little Brother, The Minstrel Show and Madvillain, Madvillainy. For some odd reason, I don’t hear anyone talk about The Left, Gas Mask; Journalist 103, Apollo Brown & DJ Soko crafted the perfect record with no filler and no throw-away tracks. I’ve been well aware of Apollo Brown’s skills on the boards for some time, but for unknown circumstances I managed to neglect Gas Mask when it came out back in 2010. This album has everything synonymous with a classic album: pristine production, raw lyricism and perfectly placed guest appearances. Continue reading