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Northern Outpost Double Feature: Speed’s The Name & Empires

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After missing the last episode of Northern Outpost due to my summer vacation, I owe it to the NO crew and Speed’s The Name to expand my post this week to mention episode #12 alongside the headbang-inducing show that aired this week featuring the dudes in Empires (episode #13). Before diving into their own sets of mind-boggling, attention-grabbing experimental music, both Speed’s The Name and my friends in Empires discuss subjects ranging from the way they write their songs to the struggles of making a name for yourself in an oft-ignored Twin Cities music scene that seems to be filled to capacity with exceptional music artists in their respective interviews. Since there’s so much video to enjoy, I’ll keep it short this week; enjoy the double-header of local experimental rock and metal goodness!


Sunday Metal Album: Poison the Well, The Tropic Rot

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As one of the most undeniably underrated bands in underground metal and hardcore during the last decade, Poison the Well has been consistently surpassing all expectations placed on  them through the thick and the thin. It’s honestly hard to believe that they held together long enough to record their last album Versions in 2007, a record that saw them step far outside the conventional confines of the metalcore sound which they had a huge part in originally pioneering; and it’s even harder to believe that their fanbase stuck with them through such mind-boggling changes. After all was said and done, the lucky ones who were still paying attention were left with one of the best progressive, post-hardcore albums in recent memory – a disc that is still growing on me to this day..

This week, Poision throws us for another loop with the release of their newly recorded opus The Tropic Rot. I’m still doubtful that this album will write Poison The Well the place in the metal/hardcore history books that they truly deserve, but that is no fault of their own… This is one vicious, thought-provoking release, and I hope that the critics don’t overlook the fine work of the dudes from PTW this time-around around. Mark my words: this is a strong album of the year contender. Listen in on their myspace for free today and see why…

FREE ALBUM STREAM PREVIEW: Poison the Well, The Tropic Rot (available 7/6)

Doom on the 4th of July: MP3s from YOB, Greymachine, & Bloody Panda

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It was only 233 years ago that the church bells first rang out over these great United States to signal our newly-earned independence. To be honest, I do not know what the holiday has in common with rock ‘n roll’s bastard son, doom metal, however it’s undeniable that today just happens to be a great day to listen to some slow-burning headbanding epics while you sip your beer ‘n light off bottlerockets. Today, some of the finest names in underground doom are offering up new MP3s to guarantee you get your dosage of doom amidst the happiness & excitement of the 4th.

After calling it quits in 2006, cult doom favorites YOB from Oregon are back with their new album The Great Cessation via Profound Lore Records on July 14th. Although I have yet to hear the whole album, “Burning the Altar” is a stellar track that should turn any doom fan’s head. This time around the riffs are of an even more apocalyptic, Titantic-sinking, crushing nature, with the band directing their torturous chug over the expansive, most spacious cosmic backdrop they’ve accomplished yet. If you can sync your fireworks to explode in time with the beat, this should make one sweet night for you and your metal friends!

MP3: YOB, “Buring the Altar” (from The Great Cessation, available 7/14)

Grey Machine

By today, both Aaron Turner and Justin Broadrick have already played in about 30 bands each, and after treading water in the same territory for so long, it was only inevitable that they’d cross paths. Late last year, they finally announced that they had formed another offshoot together called Grey Machine and would be joined by Dave Cochrane (of Head Of David, God, Ice) and Diarmuid Dalton (Jesu, Godflesh). Since the announcement, little news has surfaced about the project, but now a release date has finally confirmed for the band’s first release. The debut album Disconnected will be out August 4th through Hydrahead, and the “single” for “Vultures Descend” that leaked out earlier this year is an indication that this will be one brutal, unpredictable opus.

MP3: Grey Machine, “Vultures Descend” (from Disconnected, available 8/4)

When I first heard Bloody Panda‘s debut album Pheromone in 2007, my jaw dropped to the floor and stayed there for a while. Though the music first appeared to be of a vibe of straightforward, slow-moving doom, the soaring, cathedral-ready female vocals of Yoshiko Ohara began to push past the edges of my traditional comfort zone. As the polyrhythmic chaos layered slowly took center stage, I began to realize that this was not simply a doom metal act willing to rehash the past – this is the band with the most eerie and engrossing vision in doom that I have seen in a long time.

Fast-forward two-and-a-half years, and now we are awaiting the release of Summons, the band’s followup to Pheromone, on August 11th. If just knowing that this visionary underground act has spent 2+ years refining its craft (and is now supported by a partnership with the esteemed Profound Lore Records) isn’t enough to intrigue you, then maybe the MP3 excerpt they’ve released for “Miserere” will!

MP3 SAMPLE: Bloody Panda, “Miserere (excerpt)” (from Summons, available 8/11)

Concert Recap: The Crinn, Zebulon Pike, The Body Beneath, Ambassador Gun @ Triple Rock Social Club

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The Crinn(The Crinn)

Zebulon Pike live @ Triple Rock Social Club(Zebulon Pike)

The Body Beneath live @ Triple Rock Social Club(The Body Beneath)

Ambassador Gun live @ Triple Rock Social Club(Ambassador Gun)

Our exclusive photo coverage of the The Crinn’s must see return show and their equally awesome local support continues after the jump. Enjoy! Continue reading

Concert Photo Recap: Cocaine @ the 400 Bar

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Cocaine live @ 400 Bar

On Saturday, Minneapolis’s hardest rocking, hardest partying, and (perhaps) hardest working band Cocaine continued their streak of high energy local live performances (while they spend their off-time working on the band’s new album) with a tight show that quickly won over a crowd who never ceased to cheer them on throughout the night. Photos from the band’s set continue after the jump… Continue reading

Concert Recap: Shellac, Bear Claw @ Varsity Theater

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Shellac live at the Varsity Theater

Shellac, the famed noise rock outlet comprised by Steve Albini, Bob Weston, and Todd Trainer, made it to the Varsity Theater for a rare concert appearance at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis last week on the day of Michael Jackson’s passing. Despite some ill-advised humor mocking the death of MJ that got under the skin of more than a few concertgoers, the music at the center of the band’s free-flowing set of  prog and noise rock was well-received by nearly everyone in attendance. Intricate, snarky, abrasive, and thick, the band has a sound that keeps you on your toes at attention, waiting to see where the rollercoast will veer to next.

For my part, I was there to see the legendary Albini (producer of most of my favorite albums from bands ranging from Neurosis, High On Fire, Mogwai, Nirvana, and many, many more) execute his music genius right in front of me. I was situated right in front of his amp on stage right, and I don’t think I could have picked a better spot. With the warm tones and complicated melodies from Steve’s guitar dominating my hearing, I watched from the perfect angle as Trainer banged away at his drums like Animal. The show left me completely impressed (I was skeptical about seeing how these studio-based legends would translate in the live seting), and I’m sure everyone would have been on board for their sarcastic humor on most other days of the year.

Bear Claw opened the show. Videos and photos from my steady shot Sony DSCW80 follow below!

VIDEO: Shellac, Live at the Varsity Theater, 6/25/09

Shellac live at the Varsity Theater(Shellac)

More photos of Shellac and friends are available for you after the jump. Solider on… Continue reading

Sunday Metal Song: Suffocation, “Blood Oath”

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Like every other musical genre, over the course of the years the death metal landscape has become an over-populated sea composed mostly of bands relying on mimicry and unabashed idea stealing to produce a sound that nearly always comes back to the ideas started by the genre’s pioneers in the early 90s. But while all these new cats on the block aimless  try to make the “ultimate” death metal album, it seems unlikely that any of  them will ever push the revered innovators in Suffocation off of their throne. After five albums, the NYDM quintet continues to forge ahead with their sixth release next month, incessantly blazing a path that their peers will have no choice but to follow.

“Blood Oath” is the first track to be released from Suffocation’s forthcoming (releasing on July 3rd) full-length album of blisteringly brutal technical death metal, and it showcases a band firing on every cylinder, completely undeterred by the over-abundance of new bands trying aping their sound. On “Blood Oath”, Suffocation separates themselves from the pack with a masterful display of the headbang inducing rhythms, blasting drum hits, and sneering vocals that make them the envy of every death metal band on the planet. Listen in for yourself below…

LISTEN: Suffocation, “Blood Oath” (from Blood Oath, available 7/3)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Katy Perry, “I Kissed A Girl (Power Metal Remix)”

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I’m not even going to say one word about this one, except quote Vince over at MetalSucks by saying “stick with it until the ripping Mercenary-style guitar and keyboard solos”.


MP3 DOWNLOAD: Katy Perry, “I Kissed A Girl (Andy Xiong Power Metal Remix)”

Napalm Death’s “Time Waits For No Slave” music video might just be the wake-up call you need!

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Napalm Death‘s Time Waits For No Slave was released earlier this year, but except for a few glowing reviews, I haven’t seen the album covered nearly as much as it deserves. Well, finally the grindcore legends have released their first music video for the album, and I’m hoping this nice little clip will give them enough push to get them back on the radar screen of all the music outlets that aren’t as dedicated to the extreme metal underground as we are here at Mind Inversion.

MUSIC VIDEO: Napalm Death, “Time Waits For No Slave” (from Time Waits for No Slave)

The Mars Volta’s new album Octahedron now streaming

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The release for The Mars Volta’s new album is only one week away (Tuesday, June 23rd), but all the diehards who aren’t complete audiophiles can get their fix early by streaming the album the album online here! Treat yourself today: tune in and turn up!

LISTEN: The Mars Volta, Octahedron (available 6/23)