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Concert Review & Video: Wavves and Vampire Hands @ 7th Street Entry

Posted in Concert Reviews, Video with tags , , , , , , , on Monday, April 6, 2009 by Erik Burg

My third concert in as many nights (Friday: Junior Boys, Saturday: Friendly Fires) came down to two bands that I either knew little about, in the case of Vampire Hands, or was slightly pessimistic about after hearing their album, see Wavves. I knew the concert had great potential though, critics have raved about Wavves on and off the record and countless number of acquaintances have told me how great Vampire Hands are live. So hope were yet again high.

After a ridiculous two and a half hour wait for local favorites Vampire Hands to come on, the triumphant and overly (if there is suchwavves-cassette-cover a thing) drunk band played an awesome set of some of their best tracks. “I’m going to jail Mom! Just kidding, my parents are out there tonight” the keyboard/drum/vocal extraordinaire pronounced before the first song. The charismatic front man also had a bit of a malfunction half way through the set, with the legs to his drums falling off, boldly claiming after the song was over that “fuck it, I don’t need them.” A big thanks to everyone who suggested these guys, as their music an antics lived up to any and all hype.

And speaking of hype, has anyone been more highly touted this year than Nathan Williams, otherwise known as Wavves. I’ve been hard pressed to really get into either of his two albums, but his newest effort Wavvves had been growing on me. The San Diego native, and owner of this year’s award for best hair started the set with the awesome “Beach Demon.” One of his more upbeat tracks, the song sprung the crowd off the ground and into the air as Nathan and his buddy on drums rolled through some of the best California garage pop has to offer. He had to tease though, “So we’re gonna play a song that we have never played live” Williams says, only to turn around to find the drummer shaking his head in disapproval. So it never happened, but hey, everything they played I loved. Everything this night promised, delivered. If this guy is playing any festivals this summer or a date in your area be sure to check it out. Enjoy the video and photos as much as I enjoyed the show!

Video: Wavves – “Weed Demon”








vampire-hands-vocals1(Vampire Hands)

vampire-hands-keyboard(Vampire Hands)

vampire-hands-bass(Vampire Hands)

vampire-hands-bass-red(Vampire Hands)

Concert Review: Fujiya & Miyagi, School of Seven Bells @ 7th Street Entry

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Fujiyai & MiyagiFujiya & Miyagi came to the 7th St. Entry on Wednesday Feb. 11th with School of Seven Bells, and the show was nothing short of spectacular. The sold out basement club was packed wall-to-wall with a crowd who were highly anticipating the opening performance from SVIIB, and their fuzzed out, dreamy, drony psychedelic pop created an intoxicating atmosphere that did not fade until they left the stage. Sounding ultra classic, futuristic, AND foreign all at once, the twins of School of Seven Bells blend heavenly melodies over the hypnotic driving backbone of Benjamin Curtis’s guitar and electronic experimentation. Fujiya & Miyagi were even more powerful than I imagined they would be, with their bouncy electronic psych rock aided by the powerful presence of a full band. Depending on the point in their set, the crowd might have been dancing to the rhythm or swaying to the spacey fretwork; either way, it was always all fun for those who were wise enough to stick around. We were there all night and were able to snap a few photos; view them below!

Fujiyai & Miyagi(Fujiya & Miyagi)

Fujiyai & Miyagi(Fujiya & Miyagi)

Fujiyai & Miyagi(Fujiya & Miyagi)

Fujiyai & Miyagi(Fujiya & Miyagi)

School of Seven Bells(School Of Seven Bells)

School Of Seven Bells(School Of Seven Bells)

School Of Seven Bells(School Of Seven Bells)

School Of Seven Bells(School Of Seven Bells)

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