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Daft Punk Gets Remixed After All

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , , on Friday, May 15, 2009 by Erik Burg

      Sure the French Duo have been remixed dozens of times already, but Daft Punk have never got a complete remix treatment like this. And it comes courtesy of the entire blogosphere as well. 

      On May 20th the entire 2005 Human After All album will be remixed and released to the public. Each track will be edited by a different artist, and the artist chosen for each track is at the hands of a different blog. You can check the track list at the bottom for complete details on each selected blog. I’m excited to see five or six different blogs that I read on a daily basis featured for this album, I know that they all have great taste, so hopefully their selection for remixes are just as great as their daily work. 

remix after all

      Not to many other details to report on the matter. Just look for the full release for free on the 20th on any of the sites listed below. I’ve grabbed a couple of my favorite Daft Punk remixes and slammed them below as well. Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled!

Remix After All track list:

01 Human After All (chosen by Disco Demons)
02 The Prime Time Of Your Life (chosen by Data Sapiens)
03 Robot Rock (chosen by The Cold Cut)
04 Steam Machine (chosen by Cream Team)
05 Make Love (chosen by Sheena Beaston)
06 The Brainwasher (chosen by Danger! Danger!)
07 On/Off (chosen by The Lemur Blog)
08 Television Rules The Nation (chosen by Noise Porn)
09 Technologic (chosen by Pretty Much Amazing)
10 Emotion (chosen by Binary)

Daft Punk – “Human After All” (We Are Happy Plants Remix)

Daft Punk – “Phoenix” (Basement Jaxx Remix)


Cause We’re All Human After All

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Talk about a rare opportunity to see a band live. Here is an awesome (and truly beyond rare) video of Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk playing a nearly 30 minute Dj set in France in 2005.

Awesome would be an understatement. The man spins not only his own material but a plethora of different club bangers as well (Prodigy?!). It’s a must see for any fan of Daft Punk or for any fan of electronic music. I’ll stop talking so you can go watch. 

Justice and Daft Punk all lovey dovey

Justice and Daft Punk all lovey dovey

Catch the madness HERE

Erik’s Top Ten Albums of All-Time

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Erik’s Top Ten Albums of All-Time

Pretty obvious, I think you know what you’re getting yourself into here. We here at Mind Inversion want you the reader to better know where all of us writers are coming from, as far as what’s changed our lives musically. So we’ll be running a special once a week for the next month, accompanied by Sound Immersion #2, that will be spotlighting our favorite music. I have the fine pleasure of starting this all off, which is pretty exciting. I’ve always thought about albums as “my favorite” much like I’m sure any person has, but actually having to compile a definitive top ten list seemed daunting. But alas, after many cuts, I finalized a list that I’m extremely happy about.

#1. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – Lcd Soundsystem.Where would I be today without this album? Well for starters, not on this blog, not listening to music, and quite possibly actually finding lil wayne to be an enjoyable artist. This one album single handedly changed my life… Continue reading

Mr. Gaspar does the mash with Daft Punk and Boys Noize

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mr-gasparI’m kind of disappointed in myself for not posting more remixes and mashups on here, seeing as I listen to them non-stop in the car or on my way to class. So yeah, I’ll try and get more of those out to you loyal readers. Here is a nice start, Mr. Gaspar, who’s remixed everyone from Katy Perry to The Cardigans along with some original material of his own, has yet another remix floating around the interwebs lately. This one mixes up Daft Punk’s classic “Harder Better Faster Stronger” with Boys Noize’s intense electro jam “Lava Lava”. It’s not perfect, and it’s nowhere near what a mashup is possible of doing as far as how it create new and nostalgic feelings all at the same time, but this track is a nice treat for anyone interested in both of the featured artists. It’s a grimmy and rough track in the end, but I love it all the same, what can I say? I’m a sucker for a good mashup. check it out for yourself, enjoy!

MP3: Harder Better Faster Stronger // Lava Lava (Daft Punk vs. Boys Noize) Mr. Gaspar mashup

Bonus (!): Mr. Gaspar – “Give You A Call”