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Destroy Destroy Destroy’s “The Wretched Forest” music video is intense

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nashville’s Destroy Destroy Destroy just premiered their new video for “The Wretched Forest” from their second album, the brilliantly named Battle Sluts, and I have just one word: INTENSE!!

Honestly, I have no idea how to categorize this band beyond ‘metal’ and that brings a huge smile to my face. In any case, I believe I have finally found my fun high-speed driving record for the summer!

MUSIC VIDEO: Destroy Destroy Destroy, “The Wretched Forest”

Metal A/V Roundup: Slayer, Isis, Glorior Belli, Converge and more

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Slayer, Psychopathy RedThe thrash legends in Slayer have planned to issue their newest song, “Pyscopathy Red”, as a 7″ vinyl release as part of the annual Record Store Day on April 18th! Only 5,000 of these limited edition blood-red vinyl 7-inch vinyls will be made available, the first sounds that were recorded in a Los Angeles studio last October for Slayer’s forthcoming untitled full-length record of back-to-basics RiB thrash. So don’t forget to get out to support Record Store Day on April 18 and listen to the new “Psychopathy Red” online now while you wait. The list of participating stores is here.

LISTEN: Slayer, “Psychopathy Red” (from Psychopathy Red LE 7″)

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m a total Isis nut. I’m following the release of Wavering Radiant closely (and not allowing myself to listen to a leak until its sent to my doorstep), and have been anticipating every minute. The new song “20 Minutes / 40 Years” has me confident that this album tops their most recent ouput, and now they’ve got a new in studio video that making me just itch when I wonder if it’s true. The clip sounds more like House of Low Culture than Isis, but it serves to prove that the band has only further fell in love with their art of heady psychedelics.

French black metallers Glorior Belli just announced the release of their next album, Meet Us of the Southern Sign last week, and now they have graced us with a new track of aural psychosis entitled “In Every Grief – Stricken Blues”. Taking a page from the book of Opeth, they play one of the more alluring adaptations from black metal that I’ve heard recently; a far different approach than much of the very raw BM that has been predominant the last few years. This song is a slow, gorgeous, heavily-layered buildup (with clean vocals!) rather than the blasting chaos you might expect, and could find a welcome audience outside BM in the same way that their fellow Frenchmen in Gojira have found crossover appeal outside of death metal. Give it a listen at MetalKult, and don’t forget to catch them on tour at Station 4 with Absu in June!

LISTEN: Glorior Belli, “In Every Grief – Stricken Blues” (from Meet Us of the Southern Sign, available 6/2)

NEW CONVERGE MUSIC!! FULL SONGS LIVE!! My buddies over at MetalInjection were kind enough to bootleg the recent Converge show in Brooklyn, and were able to record the entire set. Every day they’ll be posting more videos online, and they start with two brand-fucking-new still-untitled songs of brilliant hardcore. Chicago, here I come!

WATCH: Converge live at Club Europa in Brooklyn, NY 03/28/09 (exclusive from MI)

LISTEN: ZAO, “What Will You Find?” (from Awake?, available 5/5)

WATCH: War From A Harlots Mouth, “Crooks at Your Door” (from In Shoals, available 4/28)

WATCH: In Flames, “Delight and Angers” (from A Sense of Purpose)

LISTEN: God Dethroned, “Under a Darkening Sky” (from Passiondale, available 4/24)

Early Man, Valient Thorr plot tour to crusade through Midwest in April

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Anyone who’s anything more than a fringe listener of metal knows that thrash is back in a big way over the last few years, and it’s not just the classic bands who have propelled the rejuvenation of the thrash. In fact, it’s more likely that the formation of countless “revival” thrash acts such as Toxic Holocaust, Bonded By Blood, and Early Man reminded Metallica how to rock than the other way around (…one man’s POV…). While Exodus, Kreator, and Metallica all have tours coming through the area soon, it’s important not to overlook some of the excellent smaller thrash gigs that will be touring through the area. For instance, Warbringer will be playing a free show at Station 4 on Saturday, and now the boys in Early Man have booked a tour to come through the Triple Rock Social Club on the 20th of April!

For those still out of the loop, Early Man is a band known for their style of old school thrash and punk that’s both kick ass and super fun. These days, they’ve evolved past their two-man origins into a full-on, no-bullshit metal band, and thankfully the scale of their attack has only multiplied. Additionally, the guys in Valient Thorr will be there to open with a their own set of thrash, completing the package for one awesome night of low-cost rocking out and partying. If you’re still making plans for your 4/20 and don’t want to end up at the Cabooze with a bunch of stinky hippies, I strongly suggest you bring your herb buzz to this show to party with some dirty thrash punks instead!

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Concert Photo Recap: Krisiun, Destruction @ Station 4

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Krisiun live at Station 4

Krisiun and Destruction played a show at Station 4 in St. Paul on Friday, a small festival of all things metal. Unfortunately, I missed Mantic Ritual and a whole slew of awesome local thrash, grind and death metal due to a prior engagement, but the show that Krisiun and Destruction put on to close the night made my trip to St. Paul more than worth it. The Brazilian death metal trio of brethren known as Krisiun played their revered brutal death metal to perfection, drawing material mostly from their newest high quality albums. Songs such as “Bloodcraft” & “Combustion Inferno” threw the tight knit crowd into a frenzy that was very deserved, given the massive, spectacular sound coming from the stage. While I admit I’m not as familiar with the German thrash legends in Destruction as I am with many 80s thrash acts, their show was very, very awesome; no frills thrash metal at maximum headbanging velocity. Dates are remaining on this tour, and everyone is in top form; get out to it if you can, because these band’s deserve to be seen. Now, on to my set of photos from both the band’s performances.

Krisiun live at Station 4(Krisiun)

Krisiun live at Station 4(Krisiun)

Krisiun live at Station 4(Krisiun)

Destruction live at Station 4(Destruction)

Destruction live at Station 4(Destruction)

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Krisiun, Destruction, and more scheduled to decimate Station 4 tomorrow

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Calling all death metal fans! Calling all thrash metal fans! Tomorrow, Station 4 in St. Paul; it’s on!

What? Destruction, Krisiun, Mantic Ritual, Anal Blast, Rivet, We Are Legion, Hate Beast @ Station 4 in St. Paul, MN on March 13, 2009

Sunday Metalhead Minute: Skeletonwitch, “Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod”

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Skeletonwitch premiered an awesome new video for “Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod” this week, and since I’m too bogged down by homework, I’ll let you proceed to the awesomeness without further commentary.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sunday Metal Minute: Agoraphobic Nosebleed, “Agorapocalypse Now”

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ANBThe Massachusetts gore-grind mind Scott Hull is on the loose again, and this time it’s his Agoraphobic Nosebleed violent grind onslaught that’s doing the damage. On “Agorapocalypse Now”, the current tri-vocal combination between Jay Randall, KAT, Richard Johnson is doing wonders for the ANB sound and while it’s still gritty, chaotic, thrashy, and messy, it’s a much more digestible sound than what was found on the outfit’s earlier albums. Scott Hull has made a way for his violent electronic death grindand to sound almost classic, in a way. Anyone who was hasn’t payed attention to Agoraphobic Nosebleed in a few years should tune back in; Scott Hull is the riffmaster and this band is in the finest form of the existence.

Listen: Agoraphobic Nosebleed, “Agorapocalypse Now”

Sunday Metal Song: Municipal Waste – “Mind Eraser”

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Municipal Waste - Mind Eraser

Surprisingly, I have remembered to keep the “Sunday Metal Stoner” song of the week column going this Sunday – it looks like I am actually going to follow through and make this column a  weekly staple. To continue the tradition, this week I’m blazing to one of my favorite tracks from the neothrash party brigade known commonly as Municipal Waste. Few tracks can beautifully sum up the brutalizing effects of a weekend of partying like “Mind Eraser”…

MP3: Municipal Waste – “Mind Eraser” (from Hazardous Mutation, 2005)