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Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden let loose in new music video for “Bonkers”

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Dizzee Rascal is back with some new grime for the world, and his new single “Bonkers” (featuring Armand Van Helden) from the forthcoming Tongue in Cheek LP serves to show that he doesn’t plan on toning his persona down one bit for the new release. While all the news in the world may be depressing as ever, Dizzee’s infectious, funky, off-the-wall house/hip-hop style make you forget about that pretty quickly. I hope to hear this track bumping at party’s alot this summer, cause it’s definitely one of the freshest songs I’ve heard this year; the beats are huge and Dizzee’s frentic rhyme skills sound 100% explosive. Keep your eyes peeled for the official release of Tongue in Check, but for now enjoy the a/v candy known as the “Bonkers” music video above (click “HQ” for better sound quality!) and don’t feel bad if you wanna get outta your chair, start to dance, and let yourself go a little crazzzy.

MP3: Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden – “Bonkers” (from Tongue in Cheek, forthcoming 2009)


Album Review: The Whitest Boy Alive, Rules

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rules-coverOne of my most heavily anticipated albums of the year, Rules by the Whitest Boy Alive came as a welcome surprise. An album that didn’t break barriers for the group, yet comes across as one of the most polished and perfected albums so far in 2009. Much like it’s 2006 predecessor Dreams, this album has some of the best bass hooks and strategically placed synth keys I’ve heard on record. 

The album plays off those two elements, from the beginning of each track, to the end. “Intentions,” one of my favorite tracks on the album, begins with ten or fifteen seconds of just keys, slowly building and gaining pace. As echoing and yet amazingly funk as the bass hook starting off “Time bomb,” the synths and bass parts really feed off each other and create an extremely mellow and immersive feeling for the listener. 

Setting themselves apart from the other bands that try and do the same thing, Whitest Boy Alive possess one of the finest voices in all the music game. And mixed together with sparse guitar chords, the lyrics shine. The vocalist, Erland Oye, also a part of Kings of Convenience, has a certain aesthetic about him that reminds of me Jens Lekman. The music is stunning and powerful, but the vocals demand most of the energy whether to digest the uniqueness of it, or just to immerse yourself even deeper than the crazy instrumentals already take you. 

I always see Whitest Boy Alive talked about as a dance group, but I’ve never understood it. Neither Dreams nor Rules have been over the top club bangers or anything of the sort, maybe it’s the calm vocals that bring the group down a notch, who knows. Sure there are heavy, and I mean heavy bass lines streaming across the entire album along with the synth as well, but I find myself tapping my toe along to it much more than jumping off the futon to cut some rug. I’ve always found Whitest Boy Alive to be calming, and beyond pleasing, perfect for any weather. Poignant lyrics to boot.

Rules has lived up to all hype I had for it, weary that it might not live up to the amazing Dreams, I can easily assure any fan of the first album that this one will blow you away. Culminating in one of the best singles of the year, “Islands,” the Whitest Boy Alive will surprise anybody out there looking to get into some new music. It’s a shame that these guys don’t receive more press, what they do is not only their own, but it’s mastered to a T.

Get more info about the album, written by singer Erland Oye. Or BUY THE ALBUM through Erland’s record label Bubbles.

9 out of 10

Check ‘Em Out MP3: The Whitest Boy Alive – “Timebomb”

Audio Mix: MIXHELL, Mishka presents Keep Watch Vol. 5

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Iggor Cavalera  and Laima Leyton have a very busy life even when he’s not out on the road with his brother Max in the Cavalera Conspiracy. Ever since he left Sepultura in 2006, he and his wife have been working as the brilliantly creative Brazillian electro-duo MIXHELL, touring the world and gaining much praise within underground beat circles for their MPC/turntable/drum-driven beat heavy ruckus. Oh yeah, and they’ve got FIVE young children (who just so happen to operate MIXHELL’s blog – cute!). It’s a very hard task to make a serious leap from the metal community to the djing world, but with some good friendships (such as their association’s with James Murphy or Justice) and some awesome music, anything can happen. …Even while raising a family.

Last week, our favorite overseas electronic connection posted a superb mix that MIXHELL completed for Mishka‘s Keep Watch! series, and it deserves a mention here. Just listen to the opening Metallica “For Whom The Bells Tolls” Intro! How are these guys NOT playing sold out shows in big American clubs? They need to get on a good tour sometime soon, because something tells me that if American electro/dance fans got wind of MIXHELL, they’d storm the scene.

DOWNLOAD: Mishka presents: Keep Watch Vol. 5 – MIXHELL

Besides having a remix on From Monument to Masses new EP, MIXHELL are preparing their release of their remix album entitled Boomda, which will be available on March 11th through New Judas. Check out their MySpace now for a brand new megamix from the release!

A once in a lifetime news years party…

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…Well, if you’re into dancing your ass off and retro-disco music that is. New comers to Minneapolis, but far from new comers to the dance floors, Hercules and Love Affair will be headlining a spectacular new years eve blowout party at The Loft in downtown Minneapolis. The show also features sets from hip-hop DJ Klever and Le Castle Vania, who’s described as “stroboscopic sleaze-pop that sparkles and shines like Champagne at an orgy” by URB. Along with those three spectacular guests is So Gold who will be performing live, and who’s material I’ve just recently gotten into thanks to The Stay Spun. It’s all hosted my the Moon Goons so it’s sure to have a Minneapolis groove to it all.
It’s hard to praise Hercules and Love Affair anymore than I already have, but it’s true, Andrew Butler is an absolute mastermind on the tables, just go listen to his various Beats In Space sets to see what I mean. And like I said, this is certainly a once in a lifetime chance to see Hercules shake their groove thang. The group never toured anywhere near here in support of their self-titled album (which took years to produce so don’t expect anything new for a while) so I wouldn’t expect to see Butler back here anytime time soon, if ever again.
So yeah, get your ass on the floor at The Loft on new years, enough said bitches. hope to see you there!!!

Album Review: Cut Copy – “Far Away EP”

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cut-copy-stairsWhat a year these three guys from Australia are having. Their full length release this year “In Ghost Colours” adorned the top of my year end list, followed by a few different Single EPs and now this final “Far Away EP” to close out an already stellar year. The EP is available in digital format only in the UK so you can thank me later for gathering all of the tracks together in one spot (consider it my christmas gift to you faithful readers). The remix line-up for this blissful track includes the likes of Hercules & Love Affair and Bag Raiders, two acts that I’ve been in big support of for years. Other than four official Far Away remixes, the other two coming from fellow Aussie Damn Arms and New York’s Golden Filter, the EP contains a remix of “Hearts On Fire ” by Aeroplane (who recently remixed Friendly Fires as well), an edit of “So Haunted” by Knightlife, and the possible highlight of the entire EP: a brand new track entitled “Sands of Time.”

I was expecting to start the review by praising Hercules for their remix because I have been beyond impressed with all of their material to this point, but to be honest their effort on Far Away doesn’t impress me at all, and to be honest it’s my least favorite of any track on the EP.  Their typical minimal-progressive-disco style just doesn’t seem to fit in the world of Cut Copy, and the result is an average at best remix that just becomes another one in the sea of never ending mixes these days.

mp3: “Far Away” – Hercules & Love Affair remix

As I mentioned earlier, another Australian can be found on this album, Damn Arms. His mix of “Far Away” is far and way the best edit of this track out there. He doesn’t do anything too drastic to the track, adding some light-hearted fun in the line of bells and chimes, and the result is what a remix should really be: plain and simple a more fun version of the original track, nothing too crazy that it’s overdone. 

mp3: “Far Away” – Damn Arms Remix

I’ll let you the reader weed your way through the other official remix, along with some other goodies I dug up. It’s not as if these tracks aren’t worth having, because any fan of Cut Copy will thoroughly enjoy these bangers (I know I really did), It’s just that i I don’t feel like writing a ton about each of them, so enjoy!

mp3: “Far Away” – The Golden Filter Remix

           “Far Away” – Bag Raiders Remix

           “Far Away” – Bezzi E Fabio Pop Remix

As far as other non Far Away related material goes, this EP still has a lot to offer. The “So Haunted” Knightlife mix doesn’t let down at all, taking a track that I never really enjoyed on the album and transforming it into something more likely to be heard in a club than anything else in the album. Thanks to a repititious and infectious beat that builds and expands throughout the track, So Haunted becomes larger than life this time around. 

mp3: “So Haunted” – Knightlife Sun Soaked Reprise

There isn’t much I can add about Hearts On Fire, it’s damn near the best song to come out of 2008. A blissful pop masterpiece that is gleaming with horns and 80’s styled vocals, weaving in and out and taking the listener by total surprise by the end. So here comes the remix, dun dun dun…the verdict isn’t too bad at all. Granted they take a lot away from the album recording and choose to include more of the sampled vocals, Aeroplane end up with with a nice little track that is different from the original in a good sense (they really love that sample, trust me). 

mp3: “Hearts on Fire” – Aeroplane Remix

Cut Copy saved some of their best work for last this year, with “Sands of Time” caboosing this excellent EP. The track starts off like nothing else on In Ghost Colours, but eventually evolves into a familiar flavor of delightful electro pop fun. I’m gonna leave this section short, and say that Sands of Time has been on play non-stop on my iPod, and expect the same if you download this great closer. 

mp3: “Sands of Time” (previously unreleased)

And as an added bonus for getting this far down in the post I’ll provide you with quaint little DJ mix that they threw together for Radio 1. Enjoy! Radio 1 DJ mix mp3

ONE TIME ONLY! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Cut Copy’s remix of Maroon 5’s top 100 hit “This Love,” just one of the many incredible bands on their new remix album. “This Love” – Cut Copy Galactic Beach House remix mp3

8.2 out of 10

Sonic Youth, John Paul Jones, and Takehisa Kosugi collaborate for dancing

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A meeting of the minds if there ever was one: Sonic Youth (aka the best band ever) has confirmed an apperance in April 2009 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music that will feature none other than Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones! Merce Cunningham At 90 will be the international premiere of a new evening-long dance work and a musical team-up between Sonic Youth, John Paul Jones and Takehisa Kosugi. The group will be performing in a work composed by Kosugi for New York’s Merce Cunningham Dance Company. The event will honor the 90th birthday of the choreographer, Merce Cunningham, “whose radical approaches to space, time, and technology continue to redefine the way we experience dance,” according to

While I’m personally not big on interpretive dance and choreography and the like, Sonic Youth working with anyone is interesting news, especially when its the man who layed the rhythm down in some of the greatest rock ‘n roll songs of all time. And to me, this sounds like a far cooler post-Led Zeppelin experiment than the rumoured Robert Plant-less Zep tour that’s apparently in the works (as is Plant’s duet with Allison Krauss) . I know I won’t be able to attend, but hopefully a pro will be there to tape this experiment with the great Sonic Youth. Merce Cunningham At 90 takes place April 16-19 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, tickets start at $25.