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Northern Oupost, Episode 11, Summer 2009: The Falcon Arrow

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Not too long ago, Minneapolis art-rock duo The Falcon Arrow stopped by the Owl Recording Studio to record an interview and in studio performance for the best TC-based multiple camera music show to ever grace web, and on Friday (June 5) their feature was released for public consumption as Northern Outpost‘s 11th episode. This episode proved to be one of my favorites so far, with a candid interview that emphasized some of the struggles of being an independent band in a city that’s already crowded many good ones and one of the most inventive music sets that’s been showcased yet. Through its sparse rhythm-only arrangement, the music of The Falcon Arrow is far removed from the style of post-rock that many of you are used to, yet it still possesses the same entrancing buildups and soothing come-downs that define the genre’s greatest moments. I pressed play not expecting more than a simple indie rock band, and when the replay screen finally came up I was still trying to comprehend how the looping bass of Matt Reintz was able to produce such a beautiful racket..

In two weeks Northern Outpost will be back with Episode 12 with Speed’s The Name, and I’m very excited to see that my buds in Empires will be showcasing their epic, ethereal doom metal for Episode 13. If you enjoy the highest quality music the Twin Cities have to offer, it looks like Max Becker and Northern Outpost have a stellar summer lineup in store for you. Stay tuned to find else what else is on the horizon…


Northern Outpost begins second season with Halloween, Alaska as debut guest

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Back after only a month-long absence, Northern Outpost has now uploaded the first episode of their summer season online, and for this week’s episode they’re visited by the renowned local indie/ambient/post-whatever troupe Halloween, Alaska at the Owl Recording Studio in Uptown. Still, change is noticeable, with their snowy winter lake intros now replaced by a much more inviting image of our fair city of Minneapolis in the springtime. I don’t think they have done a better job with their choice to kick things off. Halloween, Alaska just released some fantastic songs of jazzy, ambient indie rock via their new album Champagne Downtown, and the intimate confines of the Owl Recoridng Studio are the perfect place to witness the chemistry of the band. After a short interview where they discuss their new album, the originality of the local music scene, and the dedicated people that support the scene, the band gets into a moving rendition of one of the most somber and reflective pieces from the new release, “Be A Man”. It’s a great demonstration of the interesting minds and enormous talent that are just brimming out of this city, and it’s an episode that you don’t want to miss. ..makes me proud to be Minnesotan!

Look forward to the future, as well. In two weeks, the next episode will be added and will feature beloved singer-songer Lucy Michele with the Velvet Lapelles as the profiled band!

Northern Outpost Ep. 8, The Nina! The Pinta! perform and get interviewed

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The final episode of the debut season from the local Twin Cities-oriented music TV show Northern Outpost is now online, and for this week’s episode they’re in the Owl Recording Studio in Uptown dishing the dirt with The Nina! The Pinta!, a post-hardcore band that I was fortunate enough to personally see last Wednesday at Fucked Up’s Triple Rock show. Among the other bands that opened for F’d Up’s immense set, The Nina! The Pinta!’s punchy, abrasive, post-hardcore clearly stood out. Contrasted against the other openers lo-fi punk, TNTP’s the sounds muscular set were as catchy and danceable as they were dissonant and pissed off. On this episode of Northern Outpost, we get to hear some of their rock n roll and get introduced to the faces behind the music as they talk about how they fit into the local scene, what kinds of shows they find themselves playing, and the band’s motivation continue to play punk rock in front of the local bar crowds. Watch it all unfold below!

Also, if you haven’t heard, Northern Outpost has planned a first season benefit show featuring some of the band’s they’ve featured which will take place at the Hexagon Bar next Saturday at 9pm.  For this completely FREE show, The Absent Arch, Bouncer Fighter, Andy Elwell, and The Yoleus will play live sets while videos from throughout the season are broadcast on the white screen between sets. And for those of you who can’t get enough of these bands, there’ll be DVDs for purchase available at the show;  please click the flyer for complete info.

Video: Northern Outpost Ep. 4, featuring the Windmills

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Our favorite local web tv show, Northern Outpost, has just aired their fourth episode, and this week they’re at the Owl Recording Studio with Minneapolis-based acoustic crooners Windmills. As we said before, the quality of this fully independent, local music show is pretty impressive, and it’s greater proof of the extremely awesome, organic, and supportive scene that exists in the Twin Cities. On this week’s episode, Windmills compare playing in a band in Boston and Minneapolis, talk about the quality of the local music scene, and play some of their upbeat, relaxing, spacey electro folk rock in the Owl Studio. Visit Northern Outpost on to stay up-to-date on future shows, and watch Episode 4 below!