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Wild Style Wednesday Review: Mos Def & Talib Kweli, Black Star 

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blackstarThis is another album that almost made my top 10 most influential albums. The lyrical content that is displayed on this album is damn near untouchable. Mos Def & Talib Kweli go together like mashed potatoes and gravy. They mesh on just about every level that you can possibly imagine. This album came out originally in 1998 and this is an album that I feel will echo in the hallways of Hip-Hop for a long time. I remember being in eleventh grade and learning about poetic devices. When I found this album, it was the epitome of everything I had learned about.

From the minute that “Astronomy (8th Light)” kicks off, Kwel & Mos pass the mic back and forth shouting similes and metaphors faster than most people can comprehend. “Definition” is a great upbeat track with Mos & Kweli rapping about the things going on in the country (at the time), and why they are the “definition” of a group. Continue reading


Reflection Eternal is “Back Again”

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This video really gets me excited for the things that Kweli & Hi-Tek have in store for us. I caught this video on my MySpace feed on a bulletin from Kweli. This video is just some classic Kweli and Hi-Tek chemistry with Kweli spitting some great bars over a nice beat. Make sure you keep a look out for that new Reflection album coming soon.

Chali 2na & Talib Kweli “Lock Shit Down”

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chaliHere’s a new one from Jurassic 5 front man Chali 2na. This joint, “Lock Shit Down”, features the always legendary Talib Kweli. Succinctly put, it features two legendary emcees over a dope beat. You do the math yourself. Shout outs to 2Dopeboyz for having this one up. Look out for the 2na Fish’s solo effort Fish Outta Water due out sometime in the future.

MP3: Chali 2na, “Lock Shit Down” Featuring Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek talk to HipHop Official at SXSW

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Man Kweli & Hi-Tek really have me anticipating the new Reflection Eternal album. This interview is making the anticipation grow at an alarming rate. Hi-Tek basically says that this new album is going to be the next level from the previous Reflection album, and that makes me really fucking excited. Notice how Kweli talks about updating their formulas with the times (Gang Starr shit). Hi-Tek says that the album is at a “strong 50%” which means that we should look forward to seeing it relatively soon. Also make sure you look close in the background, you can see Hi-Tek punching on the pads of the MPC in the background (are all producers doing this now?).

Spotted @ OKP

Reflection Eternal is Hitting Up Your “Internet Connection”

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kwe-and-hiOh, blessed is the day! Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek released a new track on the internet called “Internet Connection” and it features legend Bootsy Collins. To be honest this track didn’t hit me like previous Reflection tracks, but to be honest it’s still damn good. Kweli & Tek haven’t skipped a beat and I’m hopin this track is just one in a line of many that we get to hear in the following months. Hi-Tek’s production skill on this track is on point (as it always is), and Kweli’s lyrics tear through the track like paper. Kweli said he is hoping that the new Reflection will be out by the end of the year; God I hope so. You can be sure that I will be keeping you up to date every step of the way with the new Reflection Eternal album.

Spotted at OKP

Download: “Internet Connection”

Talib Rocks the Bells with Mos Def and Blacksmith TV

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The first part of this video that I posted was the events leading up to when Talib Kweli performed at Rock the Bells last year. This video shows all of the chaos that ensued after Talib actually made it to the Rock the Bells festival. It’s funny because in the beginning they are telling him that he only has 5 minutes to perform, but Kwe being the guy that he is goes on and does a 23 minute set. He also does some Black Star material with Mos Def at the end of Mos Def’s set. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to see Talib live, let alone Black Star in the same concert. Mos and Kweli give each other so much energy to feed off of, and their live show looks nothing short of spectacular.

Talib Kweli Speaks: Reflection Eternal Before Summer, New Liberation?

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Talib Kweli recently did an interview with about current projects and things with his label Blacksmith. It sounds like the next year is jam packed for the god emcee from Brooklyn. I am excited to hear that Kweli has been in Cincinatti with Hi-Tek working hard in the studio on the new Reflection Eternal album, which they hope to release before summer. Talib metnioned that the new Black Star that I was hoping for will not be released this year, but I’m sure we can look forward to that in the future. Talib also mentione there there is a possibility of another Liberation album with Madlib.

All of the previously mentioned information makes me very anctious to hear what Talib has in store for us. Like I’ve said before the original the Reflection Eternal album pretty much changed the way that I listened to music, who knows what this one will do. It sounds like it could be an amazing year for this man and my guess is it will be. You know as soon as I have any updates I will keep you posted right away.

Video: Dilla Keeps Shining (Jay Dee Tribute)

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I’m really glad that Hip Hop Official had this video up. I actually used a clip of this video last year when I gave a speech on Dilla, I think the clip I used was roughly a 30 second summary of this one. This video has names like Pharoahe Monch, Phife Dawg (of Tribe Called Quest) & Talib Kweli. These guys are all talking about their feelings on Jay Dee’s music. Talib tells a great story about Dilla and the Grammys. Apparently The Roots were nominated for a Grammy on a track that Dilla produced, when Kweli said something to Dilla he didn’t pay it any mind, he just kept making beats. This video has some of the best names in emceeing all talking about how Dilla changed the production game. This is a great video tribute for a great man.

Video: Black Star, Live @ The House of Blues

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First off I want to say that Black Star is one of the main live acts I’ve wanted to see since I became a die hard fan of Hip-Hop. 2nd you will notice that there is an incredible roster of people on hand at this show (Karriem Riggins, Madlib & DJ Rhettmatic), and to me it’s no big surprise. Mos Def & Talib Kweli recently performed at the House of Blues in Los Angeles to a packed crowd, and needless to say they completely rocked it.

In this video they perform “Definition” & “Respiration” which are definitely classics. When you watch this video you will realize how amazing the dynamic is between these two, and my heart jumps in great excitement when I think about these two doing another album together. They both have so much energy and both of them feed off each other on a constant basis. I think the game needs another Black Star album, after all the first album changed the way I looked at the game.

Blacksmith TV Episode 3 – “Rocking The Bells Pt. 1”

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Shouts to Okayplayer for having this video up. The footage on this episode of Blacksmith TV was taken at last year’s Rock the Bells Festival when Kweli was getting ready for his set. It’s amazing to me that they only gave such a great mind twenty minutes to preach. I know there are a lot of artists at Rock the Bells, but Kweli is one of the greatest emcees of his time. It’ s also very funny that Kwe rides his bike around NYC like it isn’t a thing. I love at the end of the video how the guy won’t let Kweli in to do his own show and Kweli has to tell him what’s up. Watch out for the rest of the episodes of Blacksmith TV coming soon.