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Monday Music Video Roundup: Metric, Bat For Lashes, Moby, and more

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Your Mondays don’t have to be all bad! I’m working the late shift at Mind Inversion to sort through the noteworthy music videos that hit the web last week (..well, the ones we haven’t already acknowledged so far, anyway..) so that you don’t have to. Grab a beverage, kick back, and ease your way into your work week with these fresh new nuggets of modern music video goodness.

VIDEO: Metric, “Sick Muse” (from Fantasies, available now)

VIDEO: Bat For Lashes, “Pearls Dream” (from Two Suns, available now)

VIDEO: Moby, “Pale Horses” (from Wait For Me, available 6/30)

Mainpage readers, click the “read more” link! I’ve got more new music videos from Rancid, Children, Grizzly Bear, Peter Bjorn and John, Ill Bill (feat. Immortal Technique & Max Cavalera of Soulfly/Sepultura/Cavalera Conspiracy), Scream Hello, Crystal, God Forbid, and Soul Assassins (feat. Evidence & Sick Jacken) posted for your viewing pleasure after you make the jump. Go ahead – click it; it’s easy… Continue reading


Concert Recap: Santigold, Amanda Blank, and Trouble Andrew @ First Avenue

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Santigold live at First Avenue

There isn’t much that could be said about the lovable enthusiastic crowd-pleasing performance from Santigold at First Avenue this Thursday (May 28, 2009) that wasn’t recapped already. Santi’s main man Jon Jon (..same dude that got that extended shout out from the stage; seriously how’s she know know that well, man?) compiled a great list of links of people who have already reviewed the night, so I’m doing my best to bring something unique to you all.

As such, here’s my view from the night via video and photos, right from the middle of the dance floor; somewhat out of my element, I’ll just say that I was made to feel right at home amongst the flailing arms and sweat bodies by the time the show hit full stride. We’ll start things off with “Creator”, and get this MPLS internet dance party started like no other….

VIDEO: Santigold, “Creator”, Live at First Avenue, 5/28/09

Santigold live at First Avenue(Santigold)

We still have more Mind Inversion exclusive live video of the hit “L.E.S. Artistes” and more photos from the dancefloor at First Avenue after the the jump. Just click the link… Continue reading

Bloodbath, “Hades Rising”. Parental Discretion Advised.

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Put the kids to bed! My favorite brutal death metal album from 2008 finally has a music video to accompany it. Death metal’s most brutal supergroup Bloodbath, the prized subjects of our first ever post at Mind Inversion (bet you wouldn’t have guessed that!), is here with “Hades Rising”. If the insanely heavy antichristian blastfest at the start doesn’t scare you enough to make you turn to the next page in fear, then you’ll be in for a the treat of the beautifully cryptic outro to help refocus your mind.

My advice: either watch this thing in its entirety, or don’t watch it at all.

Vivian Girls supporting 7-inch with “Moped Girls” video

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

You know, I don’t know why I’m on such a music video kick this week, but maybe it’s just that there’s where more music videos coming out this summer that are worthy of my attention than usual. While I’m reminsicing of my time spent in front of the TV as a youth, absorbing any and all videos coming for late night MTV2, I won’t slow down; Vivian Girls have posted a video for the new track “Moped Girls” from their new 7 inch on Rough Trade (the same cats who are also peddling the new “Get Over It” 7-inch from our local favorites in Solid Gold) which is limited to 1000 copies; grab it now while they’re still cheap. Additionally, the vinyl will contain a b-side track called “Death”, and you can pick this up over at Rough Trade’s website.

MUSIC VIDEO: Vivian Girls, “Moped Girls”

Destroy Destroy Destroy’s “The Wretched Forest” music video is intense

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nashville’s Destroy Destroy Destroy just premiered their new video for “The Wretched Forest” from their second album, the brilliantly named Battle Sluts, and I have just one word: INTENSE!!

Honestly, I have no idea how to categorize this band beyond ‘metal’ and that brings a huge smile to my face. In any case, I believe I have finally found my fun high-speed driving record for the summer!

MUSIC VIDEO: Destroy Destroy Destroy, “The Wretched Forest”

Dan Auerbach has no reason to be “Heartbroken, In Disrepair”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

With “Heartbroken, In Disrepair”, Dan Auerbach‘s got the grooviest tune I’m hearing so far this year on 89.3 The Current; it’s got a great combination of the soulful bluesy reverb-heavy guitar work that we heard all over Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’s Grammy-winning Raising Sand and some magical classic American sounding textures that I don’t think the guy has ever even touched with his main band (The Black Keys) yet. Based on what friends who saw him at First Avenue earlier in the year informed me, the live setting is the place to hear what he can really do with pipes and picking fingers, so I’m very intrigued to hear him play someday. However, I understand there are a lot of people that seem to love this guy already at this young point in his career, so I’m still not sure why he’s still so down in the dumps.. Either way, I dig what his achey heart makes..

VIDEO: Dan Auerbach, “Heart Broken, In Disrepair

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Anti-Flag premieres “When The Lights Go Out” music video, the fire still burns

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

What the fuck is up with all these punk bands from the 90s rearing their heads this year to show that they’re still on the ball?? Propagandhi started 2009 off with the fantastically abrasive new album that is Supporting Caste (ps. they’re also playing at the Triple Rock in two weeks), Green Day is proving that they’re never going to go away with 21st Century Breakdown, Rancid is ready to deal out their first LP in 6 years on June 2nd, and Anti Flag continues the trend with their newest The People or the Gun on June 9th. It’s like these bands looked at all they happened since they slowed down and realized that it was finally time to use their elder knowledge and teach some people some lessons about how to play punk rock ‘n’ roll.

Really, though, I shouldn’t even be including Anti-Flag in this group; they’ve consistently been pumping out albums roughly every two years for more than a decade, and haven’t noticeably slowed down, to say the least. Last year when I saw their set at the Ripple Effect during the RNC (alongside such other diverse acts as Michael Franti, Dead Prez, .. and RATM..), it was obvious that they still have just as much passion for their cause as ever. As such, this video for “When the Lights Go Out” is a beautiful representation of them at this point in their career; never forget, Anti-Flag’s passionate fire for justice and prevailing against what holds you down is forever burning strong.

VIDEO: Anti-Flag, “When All the Lights Go Out”

School of Seven Bells, “My Cabal”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

There’s a new video from School of Seven Bells song “My Cabal”, and I’m obliged to post it because I haven’t been able to get this album off my rotation since I saw them live earlier this year. I’m a bit bummed that I had to miss their set at the Triple Rock last week with Black Moth Super Rainbow, but nevertheless, sometimes conflicts emerge. For those who are interested, I did talk to some friends who attended the next day and they said that both bands were spectacular (although apparently the lighting could have been better.. take note Triple Rock…). Hopefully SVIIB aren’t burnt out on Minneapolis yet though, cause I’m holding out for another performance in the city while they’re still supporting Alpinisms. Until they return, enjoy!

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Concert Recap: Everybell & Whistle, The Tanks, Be Kind To Your Neighbor, Jabberjosh, and Slapping Purses @ Big V’s

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Everybell & Whistle live at Big V's

Among Twin Cities residents, it’s well known that an appreciation for the arts permeates our community to an almost absurd degree compared to Everybell & Whistle live at Big V'smany other cities in this nation. After moving from the smaller community of Winona to the cities four years ago, I began to really realize how much the arts tend to be integrate into the lives of the people in the area.

Truthfully, over half of my coworkers I’ve had since moving here have been playing in an active band while working the day job at FxO. At one point, literally the entire staff was playing music at some capacity!

I’m always psyched when one of them is playing a show for a variety of reasons; not only is it a great excuse for out-of-work co-worker bonding and free drink tickets (wink, wink), it’s an opportunity to support truly independent local music at the venues that deserve it. On Saturday, my bud Jacob (drummer for Everybell and Whistle) was able to coax me into checking out the sweet post-hardcore/math-rock  that he plays in, and so I set out to Big V’s for a night of abrasive noise rock.

Performances came from local dudes in Slapping Purses, Jabberjosh from Kansas, and Iowa’s Be Kind To Your Neighbor The Tanks, and Everybell and Whistle headlined the night. These are some photos that I took while trying to preserve my Flat Earth Cygnus X-1 Porter from the moshpit…

Everybell & Whistle live at Big V's(Everybell and Whistle)

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Tortoise “Prepare Your Coffin” for Beacons of Ancestorship w/ music video

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s true; it really has been almost five years! The wait is soon over friends, so don’t fret. New jazzy prog-tronic goodness will be coming from Tortoise by way of their sixth album Beacons of Ancestorship on June 23rd and they are previewing the new album via Pitchfork with a b/w video for the jazzed out “Prepare Your Coffin” that will make any architecture major giddy. Check it out above.

Also, I encourage you to preview Beacons of Ancestorship at their official site: HERE