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Earth Crisis concert photos at Station 4 via Degross Punk Photography

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This is the second time I’ve posted about a local punk and hardcore show that was captured by Degross Punk Photography, and there’s something about the vividness of Degross’s photographs that I don’t think I’ll ever get over.

Head over to his blog to view his entire set from the recent Earth Crisis headlined gig with Walls of Jericho, Reign Supreme, Unholy, and Blood Stands Still at Station 4 in St. Paul.

Sunday Metal Video: The Chariot, “Daggers”

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The Chariot is a band that seems to have gotten the short end of the stick during the last few years. Mostly because he left Norma Jean right before they really started to go downhill, I don’t think Josh Scogin’s The Chariot has ever really gotten the kudos they deserve for the freeform, peerless, raucous punk-n-metal noise that they create. Somehow the crappiness of latter NJ releases unfortunately tended to overshadow the consistenly awesome output that Scogin’s new band contrbuted to the music world, but hopefully some of that will start to change. Landing on the music map somewhere among an array of bands such as Converge, Lightning Bolt, Meshuggah, Sonic Youth, and Drive Like Jehu, I believe The Chariot are a band who have earned the right to be mentioned among the hardcore genre’s modern luminaries for their commitment to purely original and exciting underground punk rock.

The band just released their new album Wars and Rumors of Wars, and I’m hoping that this will finally be the one to grant them their justified notoriety as one of hardcore and metals most independently minded collectives. For a preview, watch their visually stunning new video for “Daggers” below and get a sense of the controlled, epic, experimental chaos that the The Chariot creates. …And local residents take note: tomorrow they’ll be in St. Paul for a show with equally exceptional modern tech/death metal bands Gojira and Car Bomb; don’t miss it!

Disembodied concert photos via Degross Punk Photography

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(Disembodied @ Triple Rock)

I just stumbled upon the page of Degross Punk Photography, a supreme quality photographer based in my own Minneapolis who seems to share a taste for some of the most revered and respectable names in hardcore and punk; I thought it was important to pass along my new knowledge to everyone else, hence this post. Recently, Degross shot at shows for HR (solo show from frontman of Bad Brains) and Destruction/Krisiun at Station 4 (that I also attended), as well as local sets from Agonstic Front, Have Heart, Suicidal Tendencies, The Bronx, Trash Talk, and the brilliant show that a rejuvenated Disembodied put on at the Triple Rock Social Club on Cedar a couple weeks ago. Click the link to go to his blog, and book mark his RSS or something. I’m certain his page will be updated quite frequently as the spring/summer heats up with the future ENR showcases and all other types of madness. Stay tuned!

The Bronx shred in (cyber?) shark-infested waters on “Knifeman” music video

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The Bronx recently passed through the Twin Cities with Trash Talk for a Triple Rock gig to support their new album The Bronx (III), so it’s presumable that we won’t be able to see them here in person in Minnesota for a while. Thankfully, the best hard-rock album of 2008 is getting some more video accompaniments to be broadcast around the globe, with Justin Enright and Tyler Ford directing a video for the band’s infectious groovy hardcore boot-stomper “Knifeman”. What seems to be a casual under-water shred-fest quickly turns into a bloodbath as the rockers struggle to outswim the agile (cyber?) shark that somehow infiltrated their pool…  Enter the pool with these punks, if you dare to tempt the virtual spawn of Jaws.

VIDEO: The Bronx, “Knifeman” (from The Bronx (III), available now)

Trap Them and Victims coming to the Triple Rock in June

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Even if you have your calendar booked with hardcore shows through May, don’t put your pen away just yet. Extreme Noise Records aren’t the only one bringing stellar hardcore to Minneapolis this spring. On the first of June, the Triple Rock Social Club will showcase Deathwish Inc. recording artists Victims and Trap Them with openers Black Breath for a night of dirty, sweaty hardcore punk from some of the underground’s best bands.

Disembodied reunion, Coalesce, Amebix, Tragedy, The Kids, etc., etc. – and now a Trap Them/Victims co-headlining announcement… if you’re a hardcore punk fan in Minnesota, you can expect to be referring to the Triple Rock as your second home over the course of these next few months.

Keep reading for all of the Trap Them/Victims/ Black Breath spring tour dates… Continue reading

Concert Recap & Video: Fucked Up, Bring That Shit, The Nina! The Pinta!, Totally Harsh @ the Triple Rock Social Club

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Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club

Fucked Up played the Triple Rock Social Club on Wednesday, April 8, with local hardcore punks in Bring That Shit, post-hardcore band The Nina! The Pinta!, and crossover punks Totally Harsh supporting, and the show was nothing short of spectacular. Throughout their set, Canadian progressive hardcore punks in Fucked Up played with an untouchable fire, fueling the highly supportive crowd through one of most exciting and satisfying hardcore shows in recent memory. Truly, the refreshing nature of the set I saw on Wednesday night is hard to put into words; the band’s charismatic frontman Pink Eyes is a larger than life personality that had fans on the tip of their toes throughout their performance with his unpredictable antics, hilarious banter, and infectious enthusiasm while the three-guitar wall of hardcore noise provided the perfect soundtrack for the flying bodies and spontaneous mosh pits on the floor of the Triple Rock. While I had personally believed that the hardcore scene I once knew was dead and gone (and even though Fucked Up plays a much more adventurous style of hardcore than I’m used to), their performance proved that the passion for this kind of punk rock is still strong in the city of Minneapolis. Right now, I’d rank this as the best show I’ve seen this year, and it will be a hard one to top.

VIDEO: Fucked Up live @ Triple Rock Social Club on 4/8/09

**apologies for the long intro, but my iBook is horrible for editing and encoding videos and I wanted to get this post up before the weekend. Oh well; “Black Albino Bones” starts around 1:45**

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Fucked Up live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Fucked Up)

Bring That Shit live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Bring That Shit)

Bring That Shit live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Bring That Shit)

The Nina! The Pinta! live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(The Nina! The Pinta!)

Totally Harsh live @ the Triple Rock Social Club(Totally Harsh)

Continue reading; I’ve got even more Fucked Up photos (and a video coming soon), after the jump! Continue reading

Metal A/V Roundup: Slayer, Isis, Glorior Belli, Converge and more

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Slayer, Psychopathy RedThe thrash legends in Slayer have planned to issue their newest song, “Pyscopathy Red”, as a 7″ vinyl release as part of the annual Record Store Day on April 18th! Only 5,000 of these limited edition blood-red vinyl 7-inch vinyls will be made available, the first sounds that were recorded in a Los Angeles studio last October for Slayer’s forthcoming untitled full-length record of back-to-basics RiB thrash. So don’t forget to get out to support Record Store Day on April 18 and listen to the new “Psychopathy Red” online now while you wait. The list of participating stores is here.

LISTEN: Slayer, “Psychopathy Red” (from Psychopathy Red LE 7″)

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m a total Isis nut. I’m following the release of Wavering Radiant closely (and not allowing myself to listen to a leak until its sent to my doorstep), and have been anticipating every minute. The new song “20 Minutes / 40 Years” has me confident that this album tops their most recent ouput, and now they’ve got a new in studio video that making me just itch when I wonder if it’s true. The clip sounds more like House of Low Culture than Isis, but it serves to prove that the band has only further fell in love with their art of heady psychedelics.

French black metallers Glorior Belli just announced the release of their next album, Meet Us of the Southern Sign last week, and now they have graced us with a new track of aural psychosis entitled “In Every Grief – Stricken Blues”. Taking a page from the book of Opeth, they play one of the more alluring adaptations from black metal that I’ve heard recently; a far different approach than much of the very raw BM that has been predominant the last few years. This song is a slow, gorgeous, heavily-layered buildup (with clean vocals!) rather than the blasting chaos you might expect, and could find a welcome audience outside BM in the same way that their fellow Frenchmen in Gojira have found crossover appeal outside of death metal. Give it a listen at MetalKult, and don’t forget to catch them on tour at Station 4 with Absu in June!

LISTEN: Glorior Belli, “In Every Grief – Stricken Blues” (from Meet Us of the Southern Sign, available 6/2)

NEW CONVERGE MUSIC!! FULL SONGS LIVE!! My buddies over at MetalInjection were kind enough to bootleg the recent Converge show in Brooklyn, and were able to record the entire set. Every day they’ll be posting more videos online, and they start with two brand-fucking-new still-untitled songs of brilliant hardcore. Chicago, here I come!

WATCH: Converge live at Club Europa in Brooklyn, NY 03/28/09 (exclusive from MI)

LISTEN: ZAO, “What Will You Find?” (from Awake?, available 5/5)

WATCH: War From A Harlots Mouth, “Crooks at Your Door” (from In Shoals, available 4/28)

WATCH: In Flames, “Delight and Angers” (from A Sense of Purpose)

LISTEN: God Dethroned, “Under a Darkening Sky” (from Passiondale, available 4/24)

Extreme Noise Records plans series of legendary 15th Anniversary shows

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Extreme Noise Records has been holding down the punk rock scene in Minneapolis to its roots since it began 15 years years ago, and for their anniversary coming up they plan to reaffirm that to anyone who may have forgot! The reputable independent/co-op punk record shop has planned a 15th Anniversary concert itinerary at the Triple Rock Social Club that is sure to make any local crusty as giddy as a schoolgirl; for me, the biggest excitement from this recent announcement is knowing that the reunited crust-punk innovators of Amebix will be making an appearance in our fair city, but the awesomeness of none of these shows can be understated. Among others, the legendary punks The Kids, Shitkids, and many of Minneapolis finest names in underground punk will be some of the personalities to contribute the soundtrack for these shows in honor of ENR. The party begins at the end of April when influential reunited Minnesota hardcore heroes in Disembodied headline their reunion show with tech masters in Coalesce, and it will continue until the respected, reclusive d-beat hardcore punks in Tragedy finish up the festivities on July 11th.

All shows take place at the Triple Rock Social Club. Please visit for ticket information (starting at noon today). Keep reading for all the dates! Continue reading

FREE sampler: Deathwish/Malfunction/Six Feet Under team up for stellar MMIX of modern hardcore

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MMIXDeathwish Inc. continues its trend of being the only hardcore label worth paying attention to; this month they’ve teamed up with the Malfunction and Six Feet Under labels to bring their early 2009 sampler of the best active talent on their roster. In addition to tracks from recently released albums by Trap Them, Victims, Supermachiner, and Carpathian, we’re treated to completely new songs from the likes of the legendary Hope Conspiracy (from their forthcoming True Nilihist EP), Pulling Teeth, Coliseum, Integrity, Narrows, Resurrection, and J. Bannon himself. Plus, there’s many more contributions, including some crazy 4o-sec. Doomriders cover of what sounds to be White Zombie’s “Thunderkiss ’65” that bluntly questions “Do You Like to Slam Dance?”.. Well, since you asked, hell yes!  Why don’t more record labels do this type of thing on a regular basis?

Keep reading for the complete tracklist and the FREE download link… Continue reading

Concert Photo Recap: These Arms Are Snakes, Darker My Love, All the Saints @ Triple Rock Social Club

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These Arms Are Snakes live at the Triple Rock Social Club - 02/26/09Last night, These Arms Are Snakes, Darker My Love, All the Saints(, and one other band that I unfortunately missed) played to a small crowd at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis, MN. These are some photos:

These Arms Are Snakes live at the Triple Rock Social Club - 02/26/09(These Arms Are Snakes)

These Arms Are Snakes live at the Triple Rock Social Club - 02/26/09(These Arms Are Snakes)

These Arms Are Snakes live at the Triple Rock Social Club - 02/26/09(These Arms Are Snakes)

Darker My Love live at the Triple Rock Social Club - 02/26/09(Darker My Love)

Darker My Love live at the Triple Rock Social Club - 02/26/09(Darker My Love)

All the Saints live at the Triple Rock Social Club - 02/26/09(All the Saints)

Don’t stop there! We’ve still got many more great photos from this chaotic, noisy night; keep reading… Continue reading