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Concert Recap: Blue Ox, Tonnage, Fatty Acid @ the Hexagon

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Blue Ox live @ the Hexagon

Blue Ox, Tonnage, and Fatty Acid came together for a local show of every kind of fucked up stoner metal imaginable on Thursday night. From purely mammoth doom metal riffs, to stonerized rock, punk, hardcore, and death metal – and everything in between. If you enjoy metal, like to drink on Thursday’s, and live in the Metro, this show was the place to be. Video and photo coverage of the show continues below.

VIDEO: Blue Ox, “2cBent” (live at the Hexagon, 04/23/09)

Blue Ox live @ the Hexagon
(Blue Ox)

Blue Ox live @ the Hexagon(Blue Ox)

Blue Ox live @ the Hexagon(Blue Ox)

Blue Ox live @ the Hexagon(Blue Ox)

Blue Ox live @ the Hexagon(Blue Ox)

Tonnage live @ the Hexagon(Tonnage)

Tonnage live @ the Hexagon(Tonnage)

Tonnage live @ the Hexagon(Tonnage)

Tonnage live @ the Hexagon(Tonnage)

Fatty Acid live @ the Hexagon(Fatty Acid)

Fatty Acid live @ the Hexagon(Fatty Acid)

Follow our link; there’s more sweet pictures of this excellent local metal show at the Hexagon after the jump… Continue reading


Listen to “Sacred Trickster”, new music from Sonic Youth

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My favorite alt. rockers are back with some new noise, and I’m happy to report that it sounds very much like the Sonic Youth I love! “Sacred Trickster” is the first song to see a release from their latest album The Eternal, their follow-up to Rather Ripped, which hits stores on June 9th via Matador.. Tune in..

MP3: Sonic Youth, “Sacred Trickster” (from The Eternal, available 6/9)

Hunting Club plan work on first album and offer up awesome single “Yours Truly”

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hunting-clubMinneapolis rockers the Hunting Club have been busy as of late. While planning the recording of their first full length album, slatted to begin in late May with friend Jeff Halland, the band has still been playing in support of their debut EP. 

The album is an excellent romp through indie stylings with a mix of good modern rock elements as well. Tracks like the slower “Deep Sea Diver” are marked by deep mellotrons outlining the skeleton for the song and are coupled by a guitar that’s straight-forward and almost shoe-gazingly mesmerizing. 

But it’s the cut “Yours Truly” that stands out more than anything on the album. Starting with a minute of purely instrumentation, the track immediately reminded me of some of the Kings of Leon’s better material. The track takes a bit of a turn at the two minute mark, slowing down a bit and bringing in  a more percussion driven verse as opposed to the guitar driven intro. The vocals hit hard half way through too, as the singer belts out “I fell light years in your eyes, forgot my mind and now, I love you I love you I love you…” the entire track comes alive and is pulled together. Hunting Club really seem to find their sound on “Yours Truly,” a sound that feels familiar and yet surprisingly powerful at the same time. If their full length is anything in line with this single I can’t wait to hear it, at any rate though, these guys are looking to make waves, and have started off pretty successfully. 

MP3: Hunting Club – “Yours Truly”

They’ve got a few shows coming up as well if you found yourself loving that song. The first on April 24th at the Nomad World Pub playing alongside Man is Doomed and Invincible Kids. And if you can’t make that you can find them May 17th with Chooglin and Private Dancer at Art-a-Wheel.

Check out the MP3 and see what you think, and be on the lookout for more information as they roll out their first full length later this year. Enjoy!

And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead unveil new music video, “Isis Unveiled”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead are back at it this month with a new music video from their album called The Century of Self (released in February), and while they’ve left the major label behind for this one, they still clearly haven’t forgotten the breathtaking bombast that made their subtle psychedelics so appealing to the majors in the first place. On their new music video for “Isis Unveiled”, the Texas sextet charges through an epic, noisy prog-rocker as Conrad injects his sneering, the rhymthmic vocal delivery over the majestic orchestration. Aided by the simple and straightforward psychedelic imagery that they are known for, the visuals on this video extremely haunting in their delivery, with Conrad’s cold stare delivering some immediate bone-chilling realism. Not a really return to form, this is moreso a restatement that about the great aspects of the Trail of Dead that never really left. The Trail of Dead are clearly sick of being kicked while their down, and now that they’re back standing on their own feet (aka independet label), I doubt they’re going to be letting anyone knock them back over anytime soon. If my music senses are still working correctly, I’d say that this band still has a few classics on their hands…

MP3: …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, “Isis Unveiled” (from Century of Self, available now)

Tim’s Top 10 Albums of All-Time (At Least To This Point)

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Tim's Top 10 Albums of All-Time (At Least To This Point)

I have to tell you all that this list was one of the hardest things I’ve had to get myself to do, because I knew it wasn’t going to be anywhere near easy. Even while going through this list I had to constantly change things because I felt something was missing. This list (to the best of my abilities) contains the quintessential list of albums that shaped my taste in music. To be put another way, I don’t know where I would be without these albums. I can also say that I feel that each one of these albums is timeless as well a masterpiece. So without further ado…

Top 10 Albums of All-Time (In Order from 10-1)

live-at-leedsThe Who – Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition): Honestly I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to this album. I remember buying it in the store years ago, and it cost me just about thirty-five dollars. It may be the best money I’ve ever spent on an album. This album truly shows the pure rock fury of The Who. If you have ever had a doubt in your life as to the legitimacy of The Who, please listen to this album. The original album was released with just 35 minutes of the 120, and this album has all of it. This is one of the greatest live albums of all time, no doubt in my mind. Every single member of The Who sounds precise and musically sound. This also might be the heaviest material you will ever here from The Who. From the rapid fire boulder crashing drums of Keith Moon to the lion roaring vocals of Roger Daltrey this album is everything a live album should be and more… Continue reading

Propagandhi’s Supporting Caste now streaming

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Propagandhi, Supporting CasteMy favorite forward-thinking Canadian skatepunks in Propagahndi are soon to release their follow-up to 2005’s Potemkin City Limits, and now the entire new album, Supporting Caste, available on March 10th, is now available for preview streaming on their brand new MySpace site. One thing’s clear on first listen – after five albums, these anarchists still haven’t lost any of their edge. Supporting Caste sounds as unrelenting, vicious, and unapologetic as we’ve hear Propagandhi yet. Take a listen for yourself!

Listen: Supporting Caste (available for sale on March 10th)

Video: Northern Outpost Ep. 4, featuring the Windmills

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Our favorite local web tv show, Northern Outpost, has just aired their fourth episode, and this week they’re at the Owl Recording Studio with Minneapolis-based acoustic crooners Windmills. As we said before, the quality of this fully independent, local music show is pretty impressive, and it’s greater proof of the extremely awesome, organic, and supportive scene that exists in the Twin Cities. On this week’s episode, Windmills compare playing in a band in Boston and Minneapolis, talk about the quality of the local music scene, and play some of their upbeat, relaxing, spacey electro folk rock in the Owl Studio. Visit Northern Outpost on to stay up-to-date on future shows, and watch Episode 4 below!

The Bronx solidifies spring tour plans with Trash Talk

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Watch the priceless brand new video for The Bronx‘s “Past Lives” (via Switchblade Comb) from their newest album, read our review of the release, and then try tellin’ us you have something better to do than come out to the dance with The Bronx and friends on a certain night this April …I dare you! This is rock ‘n’ roll that is too damn good to pass up. The band has firmed up their spring tour plans with Trash Talk, and they’ll be entertaining a crowd in Minneapolis at the Triple Rock on April 12th. Keep reading for all the tour dates… Continue reading

Concert Photo Recap: Solid Gold, Military Special @ the Uptown Bar

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Solid Gold and Military Special played to another full venue on January 28th, 2009 at the Uptown Bar in Minneapolis. Enjoy these photos:

Solid GoldSolid Gold

Solid Gold

Solid Gold

Solid Gold

Solid Gold

Solid Gold
Continue reading

R.I.P. Mitch Mitchell

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I was very sorrowed to hear that Mitch Mitchell passed away yesterday November 12th. He was said to have died of natural causes. I know a lot of you realize that I am truly passionate about Hip-Hop, but my first real introduction into the music business was classic rock, shit my dad grew up on. I will always have an utmost respect for great rock groups, and the Hendrix Experience was nothing close to short of that. I honestly think that Mitch’s work was so pivotal with the Experience, that their sound wouldn’t be near what it was without him. I could say in my opinion Mitch was one of the top 10 drummers of all time without question. Mitch’s style of “lead” drumming pioneered the way for others like Ginger Baker (of Cream), and will never be forgotten.

R.I.P. Mitch Mitchell (July 9th, 1947-Novemeber 12th 2008)

Check this sick ass drum solo