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Video: Classified (Feat. Joe Budden), “Unusual”

Posted in Media, Video with tags , , , , , on Friday, January 13, 2012 by Tim Althaus

What a great thing to come home to after a long ass day at work. Classified released the visuals for his latest single “Unusual” which was on last year’s Handshakes & Middle Fingers; the cut features Jump-Off Joe Beezy and a brain bruising beat complete with a perfectly utilized sample. “Unusual” is one of my favorite cuts off one of my favorite albums of 2011. I’ve said it time and time again, but Classified is one of the most consistent guys in Hip-Hop over the last 5 years; everything this guy does is well above average, and I feel like he’s going to keep making noise for the Canadian scene. If you haven’t, I highly suggest you go out and cop Handshakes & Middlefingers… yesterday.


Album Download: Strong Arm Steady, Arms & Hammers

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Strong Arm Steady announced that they will be launching a new website, and to celebrate this, they are offering their latest album Arms & Hammers for free download. Arms & Hammers is a high quality West Coast Hip-Hop outing with incredible production and great guest appearances; production features include DJ Kahlil, Madlib, Nottz & Blaqthoven, and guest appearances include Talib Kweli, Chace Infinite, Planet Asia, KRS-One, The Game, Too $hort and Kurupt. If you are a fan of dope Hip-Hop, I surely wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a great album at the price of free99.

Download: Strong Arm Steady, Arms & Hammers

Statitk Selektah & Termanology, “Shining”

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I was on the Smoking Section the other day, and to my surprise, Statik Selektah & Termanology dropped their debut single from their forthcoming sophomore LP 2012. Their debut album, 1982, was one of my favorite albums of 2010, and I still constantly give it spins; Statik’s beats are crazy, and Term’s rhymes are as potent as the dopest red bud out there. These guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite tandems, and “Shining” further solidifies that status; Stat uses a myriad of samples to concoct a beautiful beat, and Termanology does his thing and leaves the mic battered and bruised.

Download: Statik Selektah & Termanology (1982), “Shining”

Video: Skyzoo, “Could’ve Struck the Lotto”

Posted in Media, Video with tags , , on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 by Tim Althaus

I was on Twitter yesterday when I noticed that Skyzoo was getting a lot of tweets about a new video; it turns out that everyone was buzzing about the visuals for the track “Could’ve Struck the Lotto” from his most recent outing The Great Debater. In my opinion, Skyzoo is one of the top three emcees in the game right now. The way he writes his material is incredible; I love having to go back and peruse through his albums so I can delve further and solidify my understanding of what’s being said. Do yourself a favor and check out this top tier lyricist.

Hip-Hop Quotable: “All that we In Search Of… is to Fly or Die/so to have you Seeing Sounds that’s inside the Sky/is Nothing I suppose/so if I was alone/them sounds that you seein’ is all that I really know”

Since when is the Equator the Measure for an Ego?

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Ziegfeld Theater

I wasn’t originally going to put this up, because people always say any publicity is good publicity. I am also pretty much positive that every single person in the Blogosphere has already touched on this topic. I do, however, feel that I must voice my opinion on Kanye West (as I have many times in the past) in a more professional manner.

Many of you that read this blog might feel that I am way out of my element. This is totally fine, because living in America we are all entitled to our own opinions. What I am posting here is an Opinion Editorial that I was required to write for one of my classes in school. I worked hard on it, and I truly mean what I say in this Op. Ed. Follow me after the jump to read my thoughts.

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Mos Def, The Black Keys & Jim Jones – “Hoochie Coo”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Holy shit. As you all know I love Hip-Hop, but I also love The Black Keys. There is something about their music that is so dynamic, that it pulls me right in. Their heavy Blues riffs, and great lyrics made me fall in love with their music. When I headed over to 2DopeBoyz today, I found out that the Black Keys are going to be putting out an album with a bunch of Hip-Hop guest appearances. On the album you will find: Mos Def, RZA, Jim Jones, Q-Tip, Raekwon, Pharoahe Monch & more. The album will be dropping on November 27th, or Black Friday. The project will be called Black Roc, and Dame Dash will have a pretty big part in this album being released.

Good Lord, this album sounds like it’s going to be incredible. The first single “Hoochie Coo” dropped today, and it features Mos Def & Jim Jones. I can assure you that I already like the Black Keys infused beats that I am hearing on this track. I think this album is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Download: The Black Keys, “Hoochie Coo” (Feat. Jim Jones & Mos Def)

Flying Lotus, “Aunties Lock”

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I was over at Sound Verite, and needless to say I caught this gem over there. If you haven’t gotten up on Steven Ellison (Flying Lotus) yet, you are missing out on some fantastic music. If you were to toss Dilla, Madlib & Prefuse 73’s styles into one unique sound, that is what Fly Lo would sound like. It’s so hard to put a finger on what style his music is, you could easily call it Electronica, but on the other hand you could easily call it Hip-Hop as well. I’ll leave the judging to you. If you get the chance, get all of his work that he’s put out. Everything that this guy has done has been nothing short of exemplary. His L.A. EP 3×3 is now out on limited vinyl via Warp Records as well.

Download: Flying Lotus, “Aunties Lock”

MTV2’s Twin Cities Week continues: Backstage at Soundset 2009; Atmosphere, Brother Ali, P.O.S, Tape ‘N Tapes live and interviewed

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MTV2‘s coverage of the area in Twin Cities Week continues today. A massive video diary of the station’s visit to the Soundset 2009 hip-hop festival and a backyard BBQ with Tapes ‘N Tapes is featured in this round of video offerings..

Vodpod videos no longer available.INTERVIEW VIDEO: Highlights of Sounset 2009 (Part 1 of 8)

The playlist continues after the jump, and area artists Atmosphere, Tapes ‘N Tapes, P.O.S, Brother Ali, and various parts of the city are exposed during interviews and live performances from around the city. It’s a great viewing experience for any local. Enjoy! Continue reading

Toki Wright releases Rhymesayers debut today; Fifth Element in-store at 6pm

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If you don’t know, now you know. Thanks to Toki’s laid back flow and impeccable consistency, he’s ballin’ even bigger than ever.

This has been a long time coming; after what seems like ages spent toiling in liquor-soaked clubs and paying his dues in the Twin Cities, my man Toki Wright has been hooked up with a nationwide distribution deal via the hometown hip-hop heroes at Rhymesayers Entertainment. It’s been a long climb out of the depths of the underground, but now Toki Wright jams are literally available via every major retailer in the U.S.! If you’re local, get down to Fifth Element now to support the release of A Different Mirror; the release party starts at 6pm.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Toki Wright, “Next Best Thing” (from A Different Mirror, available now)

Follow the jump to hear Philadelpia Freeway and Myka 9 give the album their props… Continue reading

The Streets are behind you, and they all got swine flu

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When I came down with a cold this weekend, the first thing that everyone kept saying to me was that I should get checked out for Swine Flue. Seriously, I’m not joking when I say that I had around 20 people suggest that I may have contracted H1N1. In my mind, all I could do was laugh; to me this flu scare is nothing more than a media frenzy cooked up to district the world from the global financial meltdown that’s still taking place, and people should be embarrassed by legitimizing the problem as much as they have with their overreactions. (personal opinion)

That’s why I was so stoked to log on to the interwebs this morning and see that my main man Mike Skinner from The Streets was on the same page as me. At least, I think we’re on the same page; he’s got a wit that I can’t quite match. Skinner is back, sounding as fresh as ever, and in the hilarious new track “He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu” he likens the swine flu “pandemic” to a zombie takeover; the metaphors are spot on, as you can see from the glorious, classic cult zombie visuals that were sync to the outlandish rhymes. The Streets end each verse by suggesting you just “decapitate your mate” and don’t worry about becoming a zombie, sharply taking a jab at the governments around the world that are blindly sacrificing so much to adhere to the precautionary principle. It’s great to hear Skinner spitting with a spark again…

VIDEO: The Streets “He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu”