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Mos Def gets “Ecstatic” about his new album

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mos-def-the-ecstatic2I was over at Okayplayer the other day and this news article definitely caught my eye. I’ve been looking forward to a new Mos Def album since his last one. I sadly wasn’t a huge fan of Tru3 Magic but I know that Mos has it in him to make another classic. They were saying that the date that is tentative for the release is June 9th (not official), but I’m not going to count on it. Make sure you check out the video below which has Mos spitting a pretty dope acapella.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

José González’s song “Down the Line” = perfect song for rainstorms & procrastination

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josegif_As I was listening to the Berklee Internet Radio Network (BIRN), I caught the trail end of some unfamiliar lyrics”Don’t Let the Darkness Eat You Up”.  I quickly searched the lyrics and found the song Down the Line” sung beautifully by a Swedish lad, José González. “Down the Line” was a single off his September 2007 release of In Our Nature. Cool. I found the song. I am so good at this. Ha. Anyway, as I work vigorously on a well-procrastinated marketing plan due bright an early at 8 am, while staring hopelessly into the darkness of the rainy night here in Winona, I (hold on a sec have to go to YouTube and restart “Down the Line”, ah, there we go) find it soothing and fitting for my slacker ways of school. Maybe, if you are reading this, you, too, will view the video while taking brief glances out into a dark, dreary night, but hey, “Don’t let the darkness eat you up!”

Follow us over to the next page, and watch the video for “Down The Line” along with us… Continue reading

Black Milk is having “Dreams”

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artist_blackmilk-realdMan it seems like the year that Black Milk has been having can only happen in a dream. He released (in my opinion) the best album of last year, and is coming out with more deadly venom this year with a wide array of projects (Random-Axe, Tracks on the new Slum Village, working with KRS on a track).

This track “Dreams” is a web exclusive that Black Milk released and it sounds much like anything else he has done in the past, fire as hell. The beat starts out with a hard hitting bass to snare and fades to a nice piano and synth loop. Continue reading

Pearl Jam 10 Special Editions!

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pj_tenI was talking to super-fly uncle and he had told me to check out this fun, interactive website: Pearl Jam 10 Special Editions.

Pretty much you assemble a 3-D photograph of a Pearl Jam album cover, and you are rewarded with a free download of one of their Special Edition Tracks.


Cymarshall Law & Elzhi Are on a “Bullet Train”

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cymar-law This gem has been sitting in my inbox for a few days because I haven’t had the time to get it on the blog because of school issues. I am glad that I finally have time to get this up because it features two of the illest emcees in the game right now. “Bullet Train” is a track by Cymarshall Law, and it features the always flame throwing Elzhi and the female emcee Masia One.

If you haven’t heard of Elzhi or Cymarshall Law you really need to do yourself a favor and jump on the bandwagon. They put out two of the best albums of last year with no question and they have some of the best flow and rhymes that you will ever here. It seems like they are both able to make any beat they are given and make it their home.  Elzhi really kills the beat, “I steamroll your team whole/get your whole dream stole/then take my supreme role as an extreme goal/I been in my zone chattin’ on an iPhone with a chick twistin’ up trees like a cyclone”. Masia One and Cymarshall Law follow in the same line and kill this hard hitting synth beat. If you like good rhymes do yourself a favor and download this one, you will be very dissapointed if you don’t.

Download “Bullet Train” here

Metal A/V Roundup: New ISIS music! Amon Amarth, Cattle Decapitation videos, much more

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Isis, Wavering Radiant

Isis is back. In only a few weeks, their new album Wavering Radiant will be officially unveiled, and this guy couldn’t be happier! Really, when it rains it pours; within a short 24 hour period I’m getting my ears on the first tastes of music from new Converge AND Isis – I think my head is about to explode. Isis just posted the song “20 Minutes/40 Years” over at their MySpace website (UPDATE: we’ve got a free MP3 linked below), and I’m now, for the indeterminate future, dutifully listening on repeat to this precursor of the divine psychedelic doom metal that is coming to everyone’s ears by April 21st. You’ll all likely just have to resign to the same lifestyle as well, and Isis seems to think it should be enough for now. In their words:

We feel this [“20 Minutes/ 40 Years”] is a good representation of [Wavering Radiant]. Our friend Matt Santoro is working on a video for this song which will be completed around the time of the records release. This is also the song we showcased on the ATP tour we did back in December. We hope you enjoy it. There’s lots of “ear candy” in this one, so be sure to listen on some headphones – or, better yet, wait until the vinyl is released for full sonic enjoyment.

MP3: Isis, “20 Minutes/40 Years” (from Wavering Radiant, available 4/21)

In other obscure regions of the metal realm, it was a very busy weekend as well. A number of metal videos and songs that recently surfaced are posted below for your viewing and listening entertainment. Enjoy!

Cattle Decapitation, Regret and the GraveCattle Decapitation – music video released this week for their first single (is it really called that for a grindcore band?) from The Harvest Floor, “Regret and the Grave“. It’s one that leaves little to the imagination; haunting, scary, sick’n’twisted, in-your-face blasting, grinding, gritty madness!

WATCH: Cattle Decapitation, “Regret and the Grave” (from The Harvest Floor)

Amon Amarth, Guardians of Asgaard

Amon Amarth – their second music video from their recent Twilight of the Thundergod is now available, created for the defiant Viking death metal battle hymn “Guardians of Asgaard“. The song features Petrov from Entombed, and the video is epic and fucking awesome (in plainspeak). Nothing more needs to be acknowledged other than the fact that Amon Amarth owns, and the video and new album are further proof of their exalted status.

WATCH: Amon Amarth, “Guardians of Asgaard” (from Twilight of the Thundergod)

LISTEN: Torche, “Sugar Glider” (from Healer/Across The Shields 12″)

WATCH: Mastodon, Crack the Skye In Studio Video (full length, 10 episode edition!!)

LISTEN: Warbringer, “Severed Reality” (from Waking Into Nightmares, available 5/19)

WATCH: Iron Maiden, Flight 666 Trailer (available 4/21, and select screenings)

Bassnectar {beys nek ter} : Other Side Tour

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Bassnectar, Other Side TourSo, what does Bassnectar mean? According to his website it means, “A freeform project that merges music, art, new media, social involvement, and community values; dedicated to a constantly-evolving ethos of collaborative creation, self-reinvention, and boundary-pushing experimentation.” My personal meaning is, “WOW, this guy FUCKIN’ ROCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF!”(Fist raised and pounding).

I have had the wonderful opportunity to see Bassnectar twice since I have been alive. The first time was at the Southern Comfort Music Festival held in Denver, CO, which featured headlining artists like Blonde Redhead and Gnarles Barkley; in addition to, the outrageous, whomping bass and eclectic visual display of new media broadcasted behind the low-hanging head of Bassnectar himself. The second time was more recently at the Ogden Theatre located on Denver’s renown Colfax Ave located on Capital Hill. I had just walked in when I heard the bass going through my sternum and knocking down the young raver behind me. A triad of lights, video, and sound, (specifically bass), overcame my senses as I jockeyed for a good position to watch the montage. Bassnectar was mixing everything from Slayer, Aphex Twin, MIA, and Lil Wayne, while producing ear-shattering cheers and roars from the crowd.

His diverse style of presenting and processing music, both audibly and visually, lulls eardrums into an ancient, transcendent melody of rhythm and rhyme. His music makes me look past hearing and seeing music at a live show, but rather the mixture of what Bassnectar stands for: A merger of music, art, new media, social involvement, and community values.

Keep reading for all the dates for the Other Side Tour… Continue reading

Feel free to stream the new Peter, Bjorn, and John

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Their new album, due out March 31st, is absolutely great. Peter, Bjorn, and John have really stepped up their game on Living Things, and I’m so happy to say so. I’ve been slightly disappointed by big releases from popular bands lately, but PBJ have not let me down in the least. So go check out their album and be sure to pick it up when the physical copy comes out. I’d suggest “Nothing to Worry About” or “Lay It Down”. Enjoy!


Stream Living Things

You, You’re Awesome makes awesome music

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yyasuperheroYou, You’re Awesome are set to release an EP tomorrow, entitled “You’re My Superhero”. I hadn’t really heard of these guys until today, thanks to an awesome preview over at And Music Will Set You Free, but now I’m completely in love. You, You’re Awesome creates some amazing electro-pop music that utilize vocals a bit different from most other acts like this. And that’s what sets them apparent, though similar to some other stuff out there, these guys still remain unique. I love the piano over-lays, and the in-and-out styled composition. The sound feels like it drifts from near to far away, giving the listener a unique experience. These guys rock, so check them out, and be sure to grab their EP tomorrow. Enjoy!

MP3: You You’re Awesome – “I’m Deaf and You’re Boring”

Dig Deeper:  Official Myspace

Gza and the Black Lips team up at SXSW

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Playing only a few tracks together, and sounding rightfully out of sync, Gza of the Wu-Tang Clan and garage punkers the Black Lips took the stage at this week’s South By Southwest Festival. The footage comes courtesy of adkenc, and for being the middle of the crowd, picks up the audio very well. Gza spits over-top of the the basic and strange instrumentals that the guys put out. It’s like watching a DJ try and put together a really bad beat for a freestyle, it repeats the same kind of rhythm over and over and doesn’t seem to go along with the actual tune that Gza is trying to recreate. So yeah, It was a great idea in theory, and I’d encourage more cross genre stuff like this stuff, but this time it didn’t seem to work too well. Check it out for yourself though, Enjoy!? and check out more from adkenc HERE